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Equity Champions Coalition


The Equity Champions Coalition (ECC) advances statewide policy and informs higher education support and services for Colorado's most vulnerable students to remove educational completion gaps in the state by race, ethnicity, and income. The Coalition serves as advisors to CDHE by developing a collective vision and strategic direction to guide the Office of Educational Equity. The ECC works alongside CDHE to guide the implementation of high-impact strategies across institutions, collaborate on best practices, collect and analyze data, and identify necessary work to continue to close gaps.

Picture of Equity Meeting


Equity Champions Coalition – Cohort 2

Dr. Roberto Montoya, Chief Educational Equity Officer- Office of Educational Equity at the Colorado Department of Higher Education David Olguin, Public Affairs and Ethnic Studies Scholar and Co-Chair & Student Liaison to the Equity Champions Coalition Dr. Ryan Ross, Associate Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs Equity and Inclusion for Colorado Community College System and Co-Chair to the Equity Champions Coalition

Members: Dr. Michael Benitez, Yesenia Silvia Estrada, Dr. Tobias Guzmán, Laura Valle Gutierrez, Dr. Angela Marquez, Dr, Nikki Jones, Dr, Sonia DeLuca Fernandez, Lorii Rabinowitz, Shane Hoon, Victoria Obregon, Bonnie Fruland, Karen Jaramillo, Becca Herman, Bridgette Coble, Antonio Farias, Andrea Benton-Maestas, Edward Quinones, Ta'Lor Jackson, Dr. Thanh Nguyen, Chris Juarez, Dr. Maria de la Cruz, Richard Duran, Angie Moreno, Frederico Chavez, Jen Macken, Javon Brame, Pres Montoya, Coronda Ziegler, Dr. Christopher Whitt, Sheena Martinez, Kendall Taylor-Wright

For more information on the Office of Educational Equity, please email senior advisor to the office of educational equity: