EdPays: Earnings one, five and 10 years after college graduation

Colorado students and their parents now have a tool to help them decide what to study after high school, where to study, and how long to study. EdPays captures median earnings based on field of study, degree type and institution. Did you know graduates with associate of applied science degrees in registered nursing, allied health diagnostics and fire protection have earnings higher than the statewide median wage at years one, five and 10? Learn more or do your own comparisons with this interactive database. Photo courtesy of Colorado Mountain College.

Colorado's dual enrollment programs keep growing

The 2013-2014 dual enrollment report shows continued growth in dual enrollment programs and a 12 percent increase in Hispanic student enrollment in these programs. Dual enrollment refers to college courses students take in high school at no tuition cost to them. Read the press release. Source: Cherry Creek School District

Need for remediation drops 3 percentage points for second year in a row

This year’s remedial report finds a 3 percentage point drop in the need for remediation in Colorado for the second year in a row, reflecting the impact of a variety of innovative initiatives aimed at ensuring Colorado students are career- and college-ready. For the first time, this report also includes data on the state’s Supplemental Academic Instruction policy. Read the Press Release.

What's new

Three Colorado campuses awarded grants - Three Colorado campuses will soon receive nearly $630,000 in federal grants to enhance innovative approaches to teacher preparation. Read the press release.

Colorado FAFSA project - Experts from the Colorado Department of Higher Education and the Colorado Department of Education went to the White House earlier this week to discuss the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, known as the FAFSA. Read the press release.

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Key topics

  • Remedial Education - Remedial courses cost students time and money, do not result in course credit and are a known barrier to student success.
  • Workforce outcomes - Find out what we're doing to make sure high school graduates are ready for college or the workforce, and what salaries they earn with what degrees
  • Guaranteed transfer - Colorado has many guided degree pathways and general education core courses guaranteed to transfer
  • P20 partnerships - K-12 and higher ed are teaming up in Colorado to improve outcomes for students. Check out this interactive timeline highlighting all our P20 initiatives.
  • Concurrent enrollment - Get the latest statistics showing one in five Colorado high school students is taking college classes
  • Colorado Completes! A new campaign celebrates programs at Colorado's campuses that are moving the needle on student success as demonstrated through convincing data.

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