Educator Funding Opportunities

Young student teacher leaning against a wall with empty classroom in the background.

Aspiring Educator Funding Opportunities

ECE 101 /103 Class Stipends

Speak to your school's Financial Aid Department to see if you could take these classes (or equivalent) for FREE. Program available until all funds are exhausted. Read more.

Colorado Rural Student Teaching Stipend

This stipend is available to pre-service teachers who will be completing their final student teaching experience in a rural school district and commit to teaching in a rural district after completion. Read more.

Colorado Rural Teaching Fellowship

The Fellowship is available to pre-service teacher candidates who complete a year-long clinical experience in a rural school during the final year of their teacher preparation program. Read more. 

TEACH Colorado

Free information on teacher preparation programs; 1:1 licensure coaching from current educators; application fee reimbursements; scholarships and testing, resume, and cover letter guides. Variable scholarships and application fee reimbursements for subscribers. Read more.

Educator Recruitment and Retention Program

Educator candidates committing to teach in a rural district for 3 years can receive up to $10,000 in financial assistance toward their educator preparation program tuition. Read more.

AmeriCorps Tutors

Providing a variable living stipend. Become a Project Serve AmeriCorps volunteer to serve as a reading or math tutor in Colorado. Tutoring often can lead to being prepared as a licensed educator. If you become a member, you can learn more about using your tutoring service to help become a licensed educator. Read more.


 Educator Funding Opportunities

ECE Educator Loan Forgiveness - Application NOW OPEN

Focus on Early Childhood Educators and ECMH Consultants early in their careers. May receive up to $5K in loan forgiveness annually. With limited funds, not everyone will receive an award. Application IS OPEN. This round will close June 15, 2022. Read More.

Temporary Educator Loan Forgiveness - Application NOW OPEN

For K-12 Licensed Educators & Counselors working and living in Colorado established through HB22-1220. Priority will be given to applicants early in their career and working in rural Colorado (or) in a content-shortage area anywhere in Colorado. Applicants will be eligible for up to $5,000 in loan forgiveness annually.  The application is now open. It will close June 15, 2022. Read more.

ECE Educator Scholarships

Speak to your school's Early Childhood Education Department to see if you could qualify for funds towards your certificate or degree completion. Funds allocated to and distributed by individual public Colorado Institutes of Higher Education. Read more.

Educator Loan Forgiveness - Round 1 CLOSED

Focus on licensed rural K-12 educators, admins and SSPs who have been teaching the longest. Up to $5K in loan forgiveness annually for up to 5 years. Read more.

Special Service Provider Stipend

This stipend is available to talented individuals interested in Special Services Provider employment in rural or small rural schools in Colorado. Read more.

Rural In-Service Educator Stipend

This stipend is available to in-service educators in rural Colorado school districts. Read more.

National Board Certified Teacher Stipend

This stipend is available to K-12 educators pursuing National Board Teacher Certification (NBCT) in rural Colorado school districts. Read more.

Colorado Substitute Stipend

This $300 stipend is for individuals with a 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, or 2020-2021 Substitute Authorization may qualify for the stipend after meeting the some simple eligibility requirements. Read more.