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General Education (GE) Council/gtPathways/Transfer Agreements

CCHE Resolution of Tribute to the General Education Council 

GE Council is convened pursuant to §23-1-108.5 (3) Colorado Revised Statute. The council’s statutory duties include:

  • Recommend to CCHE a system of common course numbering for GT Pathways;
  • Recommend to CCHE coursework to include in GT Pathways;
  • Recommend to CCHE statewide transfer articulation agreements; and
  • Participate in and collaborate with CDHE on Faculty-to-Faculty Conferences.

Faculty-to-Faculty Conferences

GT Pathways


Statewide Transfer Articulation Agreements and Institutional Transfer Guides


Related Colorado Statutes and CCHE Policies

  • Colorado Revised Statutes: The most recently updated version at LexisNexis is linked here. It is always better to go directly to the statute rather than the bill that created or amended it.

  • §23-1-108(7), Colorado Revised Statute
    • Defines “Statewide Degree Transfer Agreement” as an agreement among all state institutions of higher education for the transfer of an AA or AS degree and applies to common degree programs;
    • Stipulates that under these agreements, receiving institutions shall accept in transfer all credit hours of acceptable courses in an AA or AS degree; if admitted, students will be enrolled with junior status; the receiving institution may not require any additional credits of lower-division GT Pathways courses (except for those necessary for preparation in the degree program and which are published and do not extend the time to degree beyond that required for native students); credits earned within 10 years of transfer shall apply; the GPA required of transfer students shall be no higher than that required of native students; and
    • Requires at least fourteen of these agreements by July 1, 2016 (H.B. 10-1208).
  • §23-1-108.5(1-6), Colorado Revised Statute
    • Authorizes GE Council and a statewide articulation matrix system of common course numbering (GT Pathways general education core) (H.B. 01-1298 “The Berry Bill”).
  • §23-1-125(1-5), Colorado Revised Statute
    • Defines-Student Bill of Rights, Degree Requirements, Implementation of Core Courses, Competency Testing, Credit for Prior Learning, and Nonpublic Institution of Higher Education Participation in GT Pathways (H.B. 01-1263 “The King Bill” and S.B. 10-108).
  • §23-60-211(1-2) and §23-71-123(3), Colorado Revised Statute
    • Allows Colorado Community College System and Junior Colleges to offer degrees with designation for statewide transfer/articulation agreements (S.B. 10-088).
  • Statewide Transfer and GT Pathways Policy and Student Complaint Policy