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Colorado Department of Higher Education recognizes state’s top teacher candidates

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DENVER – May 11, 2023: The Colorado Department of Higher Education honored Colorado’s future educators at an in-person event on Wednesday, May 10 as part of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8-12). The fifth annual Future Educator Honor Roll celebrated 42 outstanding teacher candidates from Colorado’s educator preparation programs.

Educator shortages remain an issue across the country, which is why the Department is celebrating and elevating future educators to help fill in-demand professions.  Additionally, developing the workforce of tomorrow is critical to the state with teachers at the forefront, preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow. Teachers help mold the minds of thinkers, and future leaders who will guide communities and shape Colorado’s economy.   

Governor Jared Polis provided a short video recording stressing the importance of educators, “Research consistently shows that the number one in-school factor that contributes to student success is the teacher a student has standing in front of them every day,” said Polis.

CDHE Executive Director, Dr. Angie Paccione, provided remarks at the event, “Investing in young people and their education will benefit everyone in the long run,” said Paccione. “Educators are vital to society; a pillar of thriving communities and we must create a pipeline that allows the educator profession to flourish.”

The event began with remarks from various guest speakers that included Senator Janice Marchman, Senator Rachel Zenzinger, Representative Barbara McLachlan and 2023 Teacher of the Year, Jimmy Lee Day II. The ceremony was capped off with a candidate certificate presentation.

Profiles of the candidates are available on the CDHE website.