Pre-Collegiate Resources

Admission Standards Policy

In order to be eligible for admission to a Colorado public four year institution of higher education you must meet certain minimum standards. The minimum admission requirements are composed of two main components; the admissions index and the Higher Education Admission Requirements. For detailed information on the Admission Standards Policy see the information page or the FAQ.

College in Colorado is the free, comprehensive Website dedicated to providing students with everything they need to know about career exploration and planning, selecting high school courses, choosing and applying to colleges, obtaining financial aid and getting ready to take the SATACT or GRE tests. The College in Colorado website is a resource for pre-collegiate activites as well as information on how to prepare and apply to college.

High School Concurrent Enrollment

High school students in Colorado can enroll in post-secondary institutions and earn credit towards graduation. There are several programs available, some of which offer tuition reimbursement by the school district. For more information on the programs available in your school contact the guidance counselor at your high school.