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National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) Stipend

Colorado Center for Rural Education

The Colorado Center for Rural Education and the Colorado Department of Higher Education encourage talented K-12 educators in rural Colorado school districts to pursue National Board Teacher Certification (NBCT). All NBCT stipend recipients will receive support and mentorship from NBCT facilitators in a Colorado Rural National Board cohort. The value of the stipend is $4,250.00, which is the amount needed to (a) enroll with the National Board; (b) register for each of the four components of the NB portfolio; and (c) participate in the Rural National Board Cohort. CDHE sends $2,250 to each recipient and $2,000 to the CCRE to distribute to facilitators: $1,000 to each of two facilitators. Recipients must commit to remaining in a rural setting for three (3) years after becoming a National Board candidate.

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