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Open Educational Resources in Colorado

Colorado is leading the way in Open Educational Resources (OER) adoption, which has been shown to foster innovation, reduce costs and boost student success.

Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely available online teaching and learning materials accessible to students, instructors and self-learners. Contained in digital media collections from around the world, including full courses, lectures, quizzes, classroom activities, pedagogical materials and many other assets. 

OER Grant Program

CDHE and the Colorado OER Council invite proposals for the 2023/24 cycle 6 OER grant. The Colorado OER Grant Program will fund five types of grants with a total allocation of $1,000,000 for the 2023/24 Cohort 6 grant cycle. The OER grant review team aims to award at least $500,000 in grant funding to z-degree and collaborative proposals in this cycle. View the 2023/24 Colorado OER Request for Proposals for full information. Proposals are due on Monday, December 18, 2023. 

The Colorado OER Grant Program launched in 2018 with three years of funding from H.B. 18-1331, and then the program was expanded an additional five years through S.B. 21-215. The OER adopted, adapted, or created in the first four cycles of the grant program has saved Colorado students an estimated $31.5 million in textbook costs. 

Learn more about the impact of the Colorado OER Grant Program in the Colorado Rises: Transforming Education Practices through Open Educational Resources 2022 Report.

Cohort 5 Grantees

The Colorado Department of Higher Education awarded its fifth round of grant awards. Awards totaling $960,018 were approved by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education on March 3, 2023. View the latest list of OER Grantees here or below.

Funding Grant Level
$10,000SmallAims Community College
Aims Community College
$67,748InstitutionalArapahoe Community College
$67,572InstitutionalColorado Community College System
$67,316InstitutionalColorado Mesa University
$34,000InstitutionalColorado Northwestern Community College
$54,000InstitutionalColorado School of Mines
$67,748InstitutionalColorado State University
$38,727InstitutionalColorado State University Pueblo
Community College of Denver
Fort Lewis College
$20,000InstitutionalFront Range Community College
$8,054SmallMetro State University of Denver
$67,748InstitutionalMetro State University of Denver
Northeastern Junior College
$24,500InstitutionalPikes Peak State College
$26,500InstitutionalPueblo Community College
$43,133InstitutionalRed Rocks Community College
$3,500SmallUniversity of Colorado Boulder
$12,000InstitutionalUniversity of Colorado Denver / ThinqStudio
$54,125InstitutionalUniversity of Colorado Denver / Mathematics
$67,500InstitutionalUniversity of Colorado System
$47,897InstitutionalUniversity of Northern Colorado
$10,800InstitutionalWestern Colorado University
Previous OER Grantees

2021-22 Grantee Cohort #4

The Colorado Department of Higher Education awarded its fourth round of grant awards. Awards totaling $968,803 were approved by the CCHE in March of 2022. See the latest list of OER Grantees here. The 2023 Report will be available October 2023.

2020-21 Grantee Cohort #3

The Colorado Department of Higher Education awarded its third round of grant awards. Awards totaling $875,000 were approved by the CCHE in March of 2021. See the latest list of OER Grantees here. Read more in the 2022 Report.

2019-20 Grantee Cohort #2

$1 million was awarded for 35 different Open Education grantees, from individual faculty initiatives to institutional and inter-institutional projects. Review the OER Grantee Award List for our second cohort of grantees, who were approved by the CCHE in February 2020. Read more in the 2021 Report.

2018-19 Cohort #1

The Colorado Department of Higher Education awarded nearly $550,000 to power 20 groundbreaking OER Grantees that reflect the diversity of OER innovation. Read about the first cohort of grantees in the 2019 Report and 2020 Report.


Annual Colorado OER Conference

The 2023 Colorado OER Conference was held on Friday, May 19 at History Colorado in Denver. The May 2024 state wide will be announced in Fall 2023.


2023-34 Colorado Open Education Resources Council 

In the 2017 session, the Colorado legislature passed and the Governor signed Senate Bill 17-258, which creates the Open Educational Resources Council. This statewide body is charged to develop a plan for resources to benefit college and K-12 students throughout Colorado.

OER Councilmembers
Jen Mayer, ChairUniversity of Northern Colorado
Katherine Brown, Vice ChairColorado State University Pueblo
Sam CollierStudent Representative, CU Boulder
Mitch CotaArapahoe Community
Rebecka CranwellNortheastern Junior
Jennifer DeBoerWestern Colorado
Jonathan DyhrMetro State University
Sherry JonesRocky Mountain College of Art and
Michael Levine-ClarkAdams State
Mark ManzanaresAdams State University
Leslie ReynoldsUniversity of Colorado Boulder
Nicholas SwailsColorado Northwestern Community
Jacqueline TomrdlePikes Peak State
State Designees  
Charissa BrammerColorado State
Mallorie KlemkColorado Department of
Chealsye BowleyColorado Department of Higher
2022-23 OER Council Meeting Schedule

OER Council meetings are held on the second Friday of the month from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM on Zoom. The November meeting has been rescheduled to the third Friday. Council meetings are open to the public and can be joined with the following link:

The agenda and notes from the August 2023 to June 2024 OER Council meetings are available here. The OER Council does not meet in July.