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Data Sharing

Requesting Data from DHE

The Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) has revised its data sharing processes as of October 2018. This process only addresses data requests for legitimate educational research purposes. For an Open Records Request, please contact CDHE front desk (303-862-3001) to be put in contact with the appropriate staff member.

The Data and Research team and CDHE leadership welcome individuals and organizations to submit a Data Inquiry Form. Successfully completed forms are reviewed weekly on Tuesdays. This form is not a data sharing agreement nor a guarantee that your request will be granted; it only allows the Data and Research team to gather more information about your educational research.

Data Request Process*

  1. Requestor submits a completed Data Inquiry Form. (opens in a new tab)
    - The data and research team is unable to review, fulfill, or execute additional inquiries at this time.
  2. Members of the Data and Research team review forms on Tuesday afternoons to ensure requested data are available, within CDHE’s means, and are in alignment with the data sharing purposes as defined by PTAC. If the team has any questions, a call will be scheduled. One of the following is an outcome of the initial screen:
    1. Request is denied.
    2. Request is approved and added to the aggregate project queue for completion.
    3. Request is approved for a formal data sharing agreement.
    4. Request is approved for review by the Data Advisory Group; if approved a formal data sharing agreement will be executed.
  3. If a data sharing agreement is required (outcome C above) a second form, provided by CDHE, will need to be completed.
    • Both forms will be reviewed by the Data Advisory Group (Institutional Researchers from each of the public institutions of higher education) on a quarterly basis before agreement are created and signed for signature.

The timeline of this process varies by request, datasets and existing project queue. The Data and Research team will provide an estimate date of delivery to keep all research requests on schedule.

For more information or questions about data sharing, please contact

*This process is subject to change.