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 In order to provide Colorado students with services and programs we know help address timely completion and success in postsecondary education, we support communities with postsecondary access tools, resources, and assistance to help encourage coordinated efforts. 

COSI provides communities with tools, resources, and assistance to help encourage coordinated efforts. Community Tools and Resources provides customized technical assistance for grantees through site visits and grantee network meetings documentation and guides for student success best practices, and compliance and scholarship guidance. 

  • Site visits and grantee network meetings allow technical assistance providers the ability to guide grantees in professional development, capacity building, and networking with the entire statewide COSI community.

  • Student success best practice tools are intended to build community engagement, college enrollment, persistence, and completion. Resources include programming models and tools, enrollment guides for all Colorado public institutions, evidence-based research, PowerPoints, handouts, and more for education professionals.

  • Scholarship guidance includes a variety of helpful resources for scholarship providers, including information on verifying financial eligibility for students, sample MOUs between counties and third-party fiscal agents, best practices for scholarship granting organizations, membership stipend for the National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA) and more. This page includes a link to the student support directory; folders of resources for student support programs, scholarship providers, collective impact initiatives, and students; helpful links; and upcoming events. 


This folder contains resources for supporting students, including enrollment guides with key contact information for all public institutions of higher learning, and helpful articles, PowerPoints, or Webinars about best practices for encouraging student success.


CPP Resources


The alignment of student success programs and tuition assistance greatly increases the chances of a student's on-time completion of a degree or credential. Because the intent of our program is to fuse these two initiatives together, we will host both scholarship providers and community partnership grant recipients two times per year during our annual summer symposium and regional grantee events.  In addition, grantees are required to complete check-ins and site visits, these events will be determined and organized directly with your COSI point of contact.

Click here for access to our calendar of COSI meetings.


Meeting Resources


COSI sends out a monthly newsletter by email. In this newsletter, you will find critical information on upcoming deadlines, updates on grants, details for COSI meetings, and other relevant information. Anyone that is involved in the MSS grant should sign up. 

If you are not currently receiving our newsletter use this link to receive updates.



  • Draft reports are due August 1 of each grant year.

  • Final reports are due September 1 of each grant year.

  • Annual reports must be submitted via the designated COSI reporting portal.

  • Grantees must use the COSI annual report templates, they can be accessed in the folder below.

  •  For support in completing and submitting reports, please email your designated COSI Point of Contact.


Annual Reporting

Point of Contact

The COSI team has grown! The expanded team allows for more individualized support for grantees. Please direct your questions to your assigned COSI point of contact.

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