Guaranteed Transfer (GT) Pathways General Education Curriculum

GT Pathways courses, in which the student earns a C- or higher, will always transfer and apply to GT Pathways requirements in every Liberal Arts & Sciences bachelor’s degree at every public Colorado institution. Note that these courses may not apply to some bachelor’s degrees (click here for a list of those degrees). You should always seek advising from the appropriate advisor at the college or university you plan to attend to ensure you are selecting the appropriate coursework for your degree and to ensure it will apply to those degree requirements.


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Written Communication - 6 Credit Hours

2 courses


Mathematics - 3 Credit Hours

1 course (or a series of three 1-credit hour courses)

Arts & Humanities, History and Social & Behavioral Sciences - 15 Credit Hours

Arts & Humanities - 2 courses (minimum 3 credits each)

History -- 1 course (minimum 3 credits)

Social & Behavioral Sciences -- 1 course (minimum 3 credits)

To reach a minimum of 15 credits, please select 1 additional course (minimum 3 credits) in Arts & Humanities or History or Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Natural & Physical Sciences - 7 Credits Hours

2 courses, one of which must be GT-SC1: