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GT-SS2 (Geography)

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  2. If you would like to know the date a course was approved, please contact the CDHE.
  3. All state community colleges (CCCS), along with Aims Community College and Colorado Mountain College, share common general education core course numbers, prefixes and title. Wherever “CCCS” appears next to a course on the lists of approved gtPathways courses, the designated course (e.g., CCCS BIO 111) is approved for all community colleges that offer the course.
  4. Effective Summer 2022, all Colorado Community College System (CCCS) course numbers are 4-digits. Please refer to "Notes" for the original 3-digit course number.

CategoryInstCourse PrefixCourse IDTitleCreditsEffective DateEnd DateNotes
GT-SS2CCCSGEO 1005World Regional Geography3.0008/01/2003 Original course number GEO 105. Re-approved 02/06/2020.
GT-SS2CCCSGEO 1006Human Geography3.0001/10/2003 Original course number GEO 106. Re-approved 05/10/2019.
GT-SS2CMUGEOG102Human Geography3.0001/01/2014 Re-approved 10/09/2020.
GT-SS2CMUGEOG 103World Regional Geography3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 10/09/2020.
GT-SS2CSUGR 100Introduction to Geography3.0008/01/2007  
GT-SS2CSUGR102Geography of Europe and the Americas3.0001/21/2020  
GT-SS2CSUPGEOG 103World Regional Geography3.0001/01/2008 Re-approved 08/13/2021.
GT-SS2FLCGEOG 110World Regional Geography3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 08/22/2019. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-SS2FLCGEOG110World Regional Geography4.0008/01/200308/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-SS2FLCGEOG 120The North American Landscape4.0008/01/200808/01/2016 
GT-SS2MSUDGEG 1000World Regional Geography3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 11/27/2019.
GT-SS2MSUDGEG 1300Introduction to Human Geography3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 11/27/2019.
GT-SS2MSUDGEG1700Principles of Sustainability3.0001/23/2020  
GT-SS2MSUDGEG 1920Concepts and Connections in Geography3.0001/01/200711/17/2019Course is no longer offered, effective Fall 2019.
GT-SS2MSUDGEG 2020Geography in Colorado3.0008/01/2006 Re-approved 11/27/2019.
GT-SS2MSUDGEG/NAS2700Geographies of Environmental Justice3.0008/17/2020 Effective Fall 2020
GT-SS2UCCSGES199Introduction to Human Geography4.0001/01/201008/20/2010Course number changed to 1990.
GT-SS2UCCSGES 1990Introduction to Human Geography4.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 199.
GT-SS2UCDENVS 1342Environment, Society and Sustainability3.0001/01/2007 Re-approved 12/27/2018.
GT-SS2UCDGEOG 1102World Regions in Global Context3.0008/01/2016 Course title changed. Re-approved 12/27/2018.
GT-SS2UCDGEOG1102World Regional Geography3.0008/01/200308/01/2016Course title changed.
GT-SS2UCDGEOG 1302Introduction to Human Geography3.0001/10/200308/01/2006 
GT-SS2UCDGEOG 1602Introduction to Urban Studies3.0008/01/2016 Course title changed. Re-approved 12/27/2018.
GT-SS2UCDGEOG1602Introduction to Urban Studies3.0008/01/200708/01/2016Course title changed.
GT-SS2UCDGEOG2202Natural Hazards3.0001/01/200708/01/2016Course title changed.
GT-SS2UCDGEOG 2202Hazards to Disasters3.0008/01/201601/01/2023Course no longer part of GTP as it is no longer offered at the institution. Effective Spring 2023. Course title changed. Re-approved 12/27/2018.
GT-SS2UNCGEOG 100World Geography3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 12/17/2018.
GT-SS2UNCGEOG 110Geography of the United States and Canada3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 12/17/2018.
GT-SS2UNCGEOG 200Human Geography3.0008/01/2008 Re-approved 12/17/2018.
GT-SS2UNCGEOG250The Making of the American Landscape3.0008/26/2019  
GT-SS2WCUENVS100Introduction to Environment and Sustainability3.0008/01/2014 Re-approved 12/06/2021.
GT-SS2WCUGEOG 110World Regional Geography3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 12/06/2021.
GT-SS2WCUGEOG 120Introduction to Human Geography3.0001/09/2004 Re-approved 12/06/2021.
GT-SS2WCUGEOG 250Geography of North America3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 12/06/2021.