Colorado Completes! campus visits announced

During the month of October the Colorado Department of Higher Education will be celebrating campus programs that are moving the needle on student success through campus events and visits by Lt. Gov. Garcia, who serves as executive director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education, in a newly launched campaign. Learn more.

Remedial rate drops in 2013

The percentage of Colorado high school graduates who need remediation - or catch-up courses - when they get to college dropped 3 percentage points. This would seem to indicate that a variety of programs aimed at reducing the need for remediation while giving students the support they need, such as Supplemental Academic Instruction and the developmental education redesign at the Colorado Community College System, are working. Read the two-page summary.

Concurrent enrollment continues to grow

The 2012-2013 concurrent enrollment report released in late March by the Colorado Department of Higher Education finds participation in Concurrent Enrollment grew by 28 percent over the previous year. Check out this page for more information on a popular state program that allows students to earn college credit at no cost to them while still in high school.

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Higher Ed Headlines - Stay up to date on what's happening at the Department of Higher Education by reading our monthly e-newsletter. In the September issue, read about one GEAR UP success story and College Application Month.

Colorado Completes! announced - The Colorado Department of Higher Education and Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia are celebrating the importance of college completion in October. Learn more about this campaign (#CoCompletes) and planned events.

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