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GT-AH2 (Literature and Humanities)

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  2. If you would like to know the date a course was approved, please contact the CDHE.
  3. All state community colleges (CCCS), along with Aims Community College and Colorado Mountain College, share common general education core course numbers, prefixes and title. Wherever “CCCS” appears next to a course on the lists of approved gtPathways courses, the designated course (e.g., CCCS BIO 111) is approved for all community colleges that offer the course.
  4. Effective Summer 2022, all Colorado Community College System (CCCS) course numbers are 4-digits. Please refer to "Notes" for the original 3-digit course number.

CategoryInstCourse PrefixCourse IDTitleCreditsEffective DateEnd DateNotes
GT-AH2ASUCOMM255Fundamentals of Media Communication3.0008/01/2014 Re-approved 12/20/2021.
GT-AH2ASUENG 203Major Themes in Literature3.0008/01/2006 Re-approved 08/14/2019.
GT-AH2CCCSHUM1003Introduction to Film Art3.0001/01/2015 Original course number HUM 103. Re-approved 03/06/2019.
GT-AH2CCCSHUM 1015World Mythology3.0008/01/2009 Original course number HUM 115. Re-approved 01/02/2019.
GT-AH2CCCSHUM 1021Humanities: Early Civilization3.0006/01/2006 Original course number HUM 121. Re-approved 03/06/2019. Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSHUM 1022Humanities: Medieval-Modern3.0006/01/2006 Original course number HUM 122. Re-approved 05/10/2019. Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSHUM 1023Humanities: Modern World3.0006/01/2006 Original course number HUM 123. Re-approved 01/02/2019. Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSHUM121Survey of Humanities I3.0001/09/200405/31/2006Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSHUM122Survey of Humanities II3.0001/09/200405/31/2006Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSHUM123Survey of Humanities III3.0001/09/200405/31/2006Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT 1015Introduction to Literature 3.0008/01/2003 Original course number LIT 115. Course title changed. Re-approved 10/30/2018.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT 2001World Literature to 16003.0001/13/2011 Original course number LIT 201. Course title changed. Re-approved 06/21/18.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT 2002World Literature After 16003.0001/13/2011 Original course number LIT 202. Course title changed. Re-approved 06/21/18.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT 2005Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in U.S. Literature3.0001/10/2003 Original course number LIT 205. Course title change, effective Summer 2022. Re-approved 08/22/18.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT201Masterpieces of Literature I3.0001/10/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT 2011American Literature to Civil War3.0001/13/2011 Original course number LIT 211. Re-approved on 01/02/2019. Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT 2012American Literature After Civil War3.0001/13/2011 Original course number LIT 212. Re-approved 01/02/2019. Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT202Masterpieces of Literature II3.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT 2021British Literature to 17703.0001/13/2011 Original course number LIT 221. Course title changed. Re-approved 10/03/2018.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT 2022British Literature Since 17703.0001/13/2011 Original course number LIT 222. Course title changed. Re-approved 10/03/2018.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT 2025Introduction to Shakespeare3.0008/01/2007 Original course number LIT 225. Re-approved 01/02/2019.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT 2046Literature of Women3.0008/01/2014 Original course number LIT 246. Re-approved 04/05/2018.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT2055Children's Literature3.0005/26/2020 Original course number LIT 255.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT2058LatinX Literature3.0005/31/2022 Original course number LIT 258. Effective Summer 2022.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT 2059Survey of African American Literature3.0008/01/2011 Original course number LIT 259. Re-approved 11/30/2018.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT 2068Celtic Literature3.0008/01/2009 Original course number LIT 268. Re-approved 05/24/2018.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT211Survey of American Literature3.0001/10/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT212Survey of American Literature II3.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT221Survey of British LIterature I3.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
GT-AH2CCCSLIT222Survey of British LIterature II8.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
GT-AH2CMUENGL 131Western World Lit I3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 12/18/2020.
GT-AH2CMUENGL 132Western World Lit II3.0001/09/2004 Re-approved 12/18/2020. Course title changed.
GT-AH2CMUENGL 150Introduction to Literature3.0001/09/2004 Re-approved 12/18/2020.
GT-AH2CMUENGL 222Mythology3.0001/09/2004 Re-approved 12/18/2020.
GT-AH2CMUENGL 231Non-Western World Literature I3.0001/01/200708/06/2020Course is no longer offered, effective Fall 2020.
GT-AH2CMUENGL 232Non-Western World Literature II3.0001/01/200708/06/2020Course is no longer offered, effective Fall 2020.
GT-AH2CMUENGL 254  Survey of English Literature I3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 12/18/2020. Course title changed.
GT-AH2CMUENGL 255Survey of English Literature II3.0001/09/2004 Re-approved 12/18/2020. Course title changed.
GT-AH2CMUENGL 261  Survey of American Literature I3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 12/18/2020. Course title changed.
GT-AH2CMUENGL 262  Survey of American Literature II3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 12/18/2020. Course title changed.
GT-AH2CMUMASS 110Mass Media: Impact and History3.0001/01/2007 Re-approved 12/18/2020.
GT-AH2CSUAMST 100Self/Community in American Culture, 1600-18773.0008/01/2007  
GT-AH2CSUAMST 101Self/Community in American Culture since 18773.0008/01/2007  
GT-AH2CSUE 140The Study of Literature3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 10/29/2019. Original course number: ECC 140.
GT-AH2CSUE142Reading without Borders3.0001/01/2015 Re-approved 10/29/2019.
GT-AH2CSUE 232Introduction to Humanities3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 10/29/2019. Original course number: ECC 232.
GT-AH2CSUE 238  Contemporary Global Fiction3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 10/29/2019. Course title change. Original course: ECC 238 Twentieth-Century Literature.
GT-AH2CSUE 242Reading Shakespeare3.0008/01/2006 Re-approved 10/29/2019. Original course number: ECC 242.
GT-AH2CSUE 245 World Drama3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 10/29/2019. Original course number: ECC 245.
GT-AH2CSUE 270Introduction to American Literature3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 10/29/2019. Original course number: ECC 270.
GT-AH2CSUE 276British Literature--Medieval Period to 18003.0008/01/2006 Re-approved 10/29/2019. Course title change. Original course number: ECC 276.
GT-AH2CSUE 277British Literature--After 18003.0008/01/2006 Re-approved 10/29/2019. Course title change. Original course number: ECC 277.
GT-AH2CSUETST 240Native American Cultural Expression3.0008/01/2007 Re-approved 10/29/2019.
GT-AH2CSUHONR292BHonors Seminar - Knowing in Arts and Humanities3.0002/05/2016 Course number changed from 292 to 292B.
GT-AH2CSULARA 250Arabic Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0008/01/2007  
GT-AH2CSULB 170  World Literatures to 15003.0008/01/2003 Original course number: Lbcc 170.
GT-AH2CSULB 171World Literatures -The Modern Period3.0008/01/2003 Original course: Lbcc 171 World Literatures-Modern.
GT-AH2CSULB173Encountering the Global3.0008/17/2020 Effective Fall 2020
GT-AH2CSULCHI 250Chinese Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0008/01/2008  
GT-AH2CSULFRE 250French Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0008/01/2007  
GT-AH2CSULGER 250German Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0008/01/2007  
GT-AH2CSULJPN 250Japanese Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0008/01/2007  
GT-AH2CSULRUS 250Russian Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0001/01/2008  
GT-AH2CSULSPA 250Spanish Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0008/01/2007  
GT-AH2CSUGENG130Introduction to Literature3.0006/04/2015 Re-approved 11/27/2018.
GT-AH2CSUPCS 220Survey of Chicano Literature3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 12/21/2018.
GT-AH2CSUPENG 130Introduction to Literature3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 12/21/2018.
GT-AH2CSUPENG 220Survey of Chicano Literature 3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 12/21/2018.
GT-AH2CSUPENG 221 Masterpieces of Literature I3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 12/21/2018.
GT-AH2CSUPENG 222   Masterpieces of Literature II3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 12/21/2018.
GT-AH2CSUPENG 240   Multi-Ethnic Literature3.0001/10/2003 Course title changed 12/09/2020. Re-approved 12/21/2018.
GT-AH2CTULITR203Introduction to World Literature3.0001/01/201412/21/2016CTU is no longer participating in GT Pathways, effective 12/21/16.
GT-AH2CTULITR 2205Introduction to Literature3.0012/02/201112/21/2016CTU is no longer participating in GT Pathways, effective 12/21/16.
GT-AH2FLCBL101Music and Borderlands: Beginning Spanish3.0008/26/2019  
GT-AH2FLCED227Children's Literature3.0008/15/2022 Effective Fall 2022
GT-AH2FLCENGL116Introduction to Mass Communications4.0008/01/200508/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-AH2FLCENGL 116Media Literacy3.0008/01/2016 Course title changed. Re-approved 07/29/2019. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-AH2FLCENGL 128The Bible as Literature4.0001/09/200408/01/2016 
GT-AH2FLCENGL 174African-American Literature3.0001/09/2004 Course withdrawn 08/01/2016. Re-activated 08/21/2019. Credits changed from 4 to 3.
GT-AH2FLCENGL175Women's Literature4.0001/09/200408/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-AH2FLCENGL 177U.S. LatinX Literature3.0001/09/2004 Previously withdrawn from GT Pathways in 2016. Course title changed. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3. Re-approved 09/15/2020.
GT-AH2FLCENGL180Literature of the Environment4.0001/09/200408/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-AH2FLCENGL 180Literature of the Environment3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 07/29/2019. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-AH2FLCENGL 221Classical Literature4.0001/09/200408/01/2016 
GT-AH2FLCENGL 230Survey of British Literature4.0008/01/200608/01/2016 
GT-AH2FLCENGL231British Literature to 18003.0002/05/2016 Re-approved 07/29/2019.
GT-AH2FLCENGL232British Literature Since 18003.0002/05/2016 Re-approved 07/29/2019.
GT-AH2FLCENGL 240Survey of American Literature4.0008/01/200308/01/2016 
GT-AH2FLCENGL245Survey of American Literature I: Beginning to 18653.0002/05/2016 Course title changed. Re-approved 07/29/2019.
GT-AH2FLCENGL246Survey of American Literature II: 1865 to Present3.0002/05/2016 Course title changed. Re-approved 07/29/2019.
GT-AH2FLCENGL 265Semantics3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 07/29/2019. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-AH2FLCENGL265Semantics4.0001/09/200408/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-AH2FLCENGL 270History of Film3.0008/01/2006 Course withdrawn 08/01/2016. Re-activated 08/27/2019. Credits changed from 4 to 3.
GT-AH2FLCENGL 280Literature of the Southwest3.0008/01/2006 Re-approved 08/13/2021. Credit hrs changed from 4 to 3. Effective Fall 2021.
GT-AH2FLCENGL/GSS 175Women's Literature3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 07/29/2019. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3. Cross-listed course, added 10/29/2019.
GT-AH2FLCENGL/NAIS 176Native American Literature3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 08/14/2019. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-AH2FLCENGL/NAIS176Native American Literature4.0008/01/200608/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-AH2FLCGS 101Human Heritage I4.0001/09/200402/01/2013 
GT-AH2FLCGS 102Human Heritage II3.0001/09/200402/01/2011 
GT-AH2MSUDANT/ENG1400/1150Introduction to Folklore3.0008/14/2023 Effective Fall 2023
GT-AH2MSUDCHS/ENG2010/2410Survey of Chicana/o Literature3.0008/01/2006 Cross-listed courses. Re-approved 11/27/2019.
GT-AH2MSUDENG 1100 Introduction to Literature3.0001/09/2004 Re-approved 12/21/2018.
GT-AH2MSUDENG 1110Introduction to Fiction3.0008/01/200707/11/2013 
GT-AH2MSUDENG 1120Introduction to Drama3.0008/01/200611/17/2019Course is no longer offered, effective Fall 2019.
GT-AH2MSUDENG 1310Introduction to Shakespeare3.0008/01/200707/11/2013 
GT-AH2MSUDENG2270Monsters and Monstrosity3.0008/14/2023 Effective Fall 2023
GT-AH2MSUDENG 2340Shakespeare and Popular Culture3.0008/17/2020 Effective Fall 2020
GT-AH2MSUDENG 2460Introduction to Children's Literature for Non-Majors3.0008/01/2007 Re-approved 12/21/2018.
GT-AH2MSUDENG2820Aviation in Film and Literature3.0008/23/2021 Effective Fall 2021.
GT-AH2MSUDENG2850Introduction to International Film3.0012/19/2018  
GT-AH2MSUDHON 2750Legacy of Arts & Letters3.0008/01/200611/17/2019Course no longer part of GT Pathways, effective Fall 2019.
GT-AH2MSUDHON 2760The Legacy of Arts & Letters II3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
GT-AH2UCBASIA 1000Introduction to South and Southeast Asian Civilizations3.0008/01/200906/08/2016Course closed.
GT-AH2UCBCHIN 2441Film and the Dynamics of Chinese Culture3.0008/01/2009  
GT-AH2UCBCLAS1120Masterpieces of Roman Literature in Translation3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course title changed.
GT-AH2UCBCLAS 1120Power and Passion: Literature of Ancient Rome3.0006/08/2016 Course title changed.
GT-AH2UCBCLAS 1140Bread and Circuses: Society and Culture in the Roman World3.0008/01/2007  
GT-AH2UCBETHN/RLST 2703/2800American Indian Religious Traditions3.0006/08/2016 Original course number: RLST 2700,
GT-AH2UCBFREN 1700Francophone Literature in Translation3.0008/01/2006  
GT-AH2UCBFREN 1750French Colonialism: North Africa and the Middle East3.0006/08/2016 Course title changed.
GT-AH2UCBFREN1750Oriental Representations in French/Francophone Literature and Visual Arts3.0008/01/200606/08/2016Course title changed.
GT-AH2UCBFREN/ITAL 1400Medieval/Renaissance Women Writers in Italy and France3.0008/01/2006  
GT-AH2UCBGRMN 2503Fairy Tales of Germany3.0008/01/2009  
GT-AH2UCBGRMN/HUMN 2601Kafka and the Kafkaesque3.0008/01/2009 Added HUMN prefix, 6/8/16.
GT-AH2UCBITAL 1500That's Amore: Introduction to Italian Culture3.0006/08/2016 Course title changed.
GT-AH2UCBITAL1500Introduction to Italian Culture3.0008/01/200906/08/2016Course title changed.
GT-AH2UCBRLST 2500Religions in the United States3.0008/01/2009  
GT-AH2UCBRLST 2610Religions of India3.0008/01/2009 Course title changed.
GT-AH2UCBRLST2610Religions of South Asia3.0008/01/200906/08/2016Course title changed.
GT-AH2UCBRLST2700American Indian Religious Traditions3.0008/01/200906/08/2016Course number changed to ETHN 2703/RLST 2800.
GT-AH2UCBRLST/WMST2800Women and Religion3.0008/01/2009 Added WMST prefix, 6/8/16.
GT-AH2UCBRUSS 2231Fairy Tales of Russia3.0008/01/2009  
GT-AH2UCBRUSS 2471Women in Russian Culture: From Folklore to the Nineteenth Century3.0008/01/2009  
GT-AH2UCBSPAN 1000Cultural Differences through Hispanic Literature3.0008/01/2007  
GT-AH2UCCSENGL150Introduction to Literature for Non-Majors3.0001/10/200308/20/2010Course number changed to 1500.
GT-AH2UCCSENGL 1500Introduction to Literature for Non-Majors3.0008/20/2010 Re-approved 05/06/2019. Original course number: 150.
GT-AH2UCCSENGL 200Introduction to Ethnic Studies3.0008/01/200308/20/2010This course never existed.
GT-AH2UCCSENGL260Literature, the Global Experience3.0001/10/200308/20/2010Course number & title changed to ENGL 2600 Literature, the Global Perspective I.
GT-AH2UCCSENGL 2600Literature, the Global Perspective I3.0008/20/201006/06/2017Removed by UCCS June 6, 2017. Original course number & title: ENGL 260 Literature, the Global Experience.
GT-AH2UCCSENGL261Literature, the Global Perspective II3.0001/10/200308/20/2010Course number changed to 2610.
GT-AH2UCCSENGL 2610 Literature, the Global Perspective II3.0008/20/201006/06/2017Removed by UCCS June 6, 2017. Original course number: 261.
GT-AH2UCCSEST 200Introduction to Ethnic Studies3.0008/01/200512/18/2008Course closed.
GT-AH2UCCSWMST 200Introduction to Women's Studies3.0008/01/200312/18/2008Course closed.
GT-AH2UCDENGL 1601Storytelling: Literature, Film & Television3.0001/01/2007 Course title changed. Re-approved 12/21/2018.
GT-AH2UCDENGL 2600 Literary Classics3.0008/01/2003 Course title changed. Re-approved 12/21/2018.
GT-AH2UCDETST2357Asian American & Pacific Islander Cultures3.0008/22/2022 Effective Fall 2022
GT-AH2UNCAFS 205Survey of African American Literature3.0008/01/2008 Re-approved 12/17/2018.
GT-AH2UNCASIA216South and Southeastern Asian Literature3.0008/17/2020 Effective Fall 2020
GT-AH2UNCCHIN 216Masterpieces of Chinese Literature3.0008/01/2012 Re-approved 05/24/2019.
GT-AH2UNCENG 131   Introduction to Literature3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 02/08/2018.
GT-AH2UNCENG205World Folklore and Fairy Tales3.0008/23/2021 Effective Fall 2021
GT-AH2UNCENG206Regional Mythologies3.0008/17/2020 Effective Fall 2020
GT-AH2UNCENG207Native American Literature3.0008/15/2022 Effective Fall 2022
GT-AH2UNCENG 211   Survey of American Literature3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 02/08/2018.
GT-AH2UNCENG 213   Survey of British Literature I3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 02/08/2018.
GT-AH2UNCENG 214   British Literature II3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 02/08/2018.
GT-AH2UNCENG217Studies in Young Adult Literature3.0008/15/2022 Effective Fall 2022
GT-AH2UNCENG232Multicultural Speculative Fiction3.0008/15/2022 Effective Fall 2022
GT-AH2UNCENG 236 Ethnic American Literature3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 02/08/2018.
GT-AH2UNCENG250Introduction to Shakespeare3.0008/17/2020 Effective Fall 2020
GT-AH2UNCENG 262   Masterpieces of World Literature3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 02/08/2018.
GT-AH2UNCENG263Western World Literature I3.0008/23/2021 Effective Fall 2021
GT-AH2UNCENG264Western World Literature II3.0008/23/2021 Effective Fall 2021
GT-AH2UNCHISP 111Introduction to Hispanic Literature3.0001/01/200708/23/2021Course is no longer offered, effective Fall 2021. Re-approved 05/28/2019.
GT-AH2UNCHUM122Popular Medievalisms3.0002/08/2018  
GT-AH2UNCHUM 231Images of Gender in Literature and the Arts3.0001/01/2007 Course title changed, effective Fall 2022. Re-approved 02/08/2018.
GT-AH2UNCMAS 110Contemporary Chicano Literature3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 05/28/2019.
GT-AH2UNCMIND 100First Year Preceptorial3.0001/01/200905/28/2019Course is no longer offered, effective Summer 2019.
GT-AH2UNCMIND 180Great Ideas of the Western Tradition3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 06/23/2017.
GT-AH2UNCMIND 182Confluence of Cultures3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 06/23/2017.
GT-AH2UNCMUS212Song Lyrics3.0006/04/2015 Re-approved 05/28/2019.
GT-AH2WCUCOM151Introduction to Mass Media3.0001/01/2015 Re-approved 05/08/2018. Formerly Introduction to Mass Media.
GT-AH2WCUENG150Introduction to Literature3.0005/09/2017 Re-approved 10/24/2018.
GT-AH2WCUENG 230Environmental Literature3.0008/01/2010 Re-approved 10/24/2018.
GT-AH2WCUENG 255 Ancient World Literature3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 10/24/2018.