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GT-HI1 (History )

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  4. Effective Summer 2022, all Colorado Community College System (CCCS) course numbers are 4-digits. Please refer to "Notes" for the original 3-digit course number.

CategoryInstCourse PrefixCourse IDTitleCreditsEffective DateEnd DateNotes
GT-HI1ASUHGP 110World History & Culture I3.0008/01/2003 Course title changed. Re-approved 12/20/2021.
GT-HI1ASUHGP 111World History & Culture II3.0008/01/2003 Course title changed. Re-approved 12/20/2021.
GT-HI1ASUHIST 202American History to 18653.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 12/20/2021.
GT-HI1ASUHIST 203American History since 18653.0001/10/2003 Course title changed. Re-approved 12/20/2021.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 1110The World: Antiquity - 15003.0007/01/2010 Original course number HIS 111. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS112World Civilization II3.0008/01/200601/12/2011Course title changed.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 1120The World: 1500 - Present3.0001/13/2011 Original course number HIS 112. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 1210U.S. History to Reconstruction3.0008/01/2014 Original course number HIS 121. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 1220U.S. History Since the Civil War3.0008/01/2014 Original course number HIS 122. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 1310Western Civilization: Antiquity - 16503.0008/01/2003 Original course number HIS 101. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 1320Western Civilization: 1650 - Present3.0008/01/2003 Original course number HIS 102. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS2000History of Science and Technology3.0008/01/2014 Original course number HIS 218. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS2005Women in World History3.0008/01/2013 Original course number HIS 205. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS201U.S. History to Reconstruction3.0001/13/201106/01/2014Course number changed to 121.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS201U.S. History I3.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 201520th Century World History3.0008/01/2007 Original course number HIS 247. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS202U.S. History Since the Civil War3.0008/01/200306/01/2014Course number changed to 122.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 2105Women in U.S. History3.0008/01/2010 Original course number HIS 215. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS2110African American History3.0001/01/2014 Original course number HIS 250. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 2115American Indian History3.0001/01/2010 Original course number HIS 208. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 2120U.S. Foreign Relations History3.0001/13/2011 Original course number HIS 260. Re-approved 12/10/2019. Course title changed.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 2125American Environmental History3.0008/01/2011 Original course number HIS 207. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS2130History of the American West3.0001/01/2015 Original course number HIS 235. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 2135Colorado History3.0001/01/2010 Original course number HIS 225. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 2140Civil War Era in American History3.0008/01/2014 Original course number HIS 203. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 2145U.S. History Since 19453.0008/01/2009 Original course number HIS 236. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 2200History of Latin America3.0001/01/2010 Original course number HIS 244. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS2210History of Mexico3.0006/04/2015 Original course number HIS 246. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 2300The Middle Ages3.0001/01/2010 Original course number HIS 255. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS2310The History of Christianity in the World3.0001/01/2015 Original course number HIS 251. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 245U.S. in the World3.0008/01/201005/24/2021Course is no longer offered, effective Summer 2021.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 2500History of Islamic Civilization3.0008/01/2009 Original course number HIS 249. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS2510Modern Middle East3.0008/01/2014 Original course number HIS 259. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS260Foreign Relations History3.0008/01/201001/12/2011Course title changed.
GT-HI1CCCSHIS 2610History of Modern China3.0008/01/2010 Original course number HIS 243. Re-approved 12/10/2019.
GT-HI1CMUHIST 101Western Civilizations I3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 10/09/2020. Updated course title.
GT-HI1CMUHIST 102Western Civilizations II3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 10/09/2020. Updated course title.
GT-HI1CMUHIST 131United States History I3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 10/09/2020. Updated course title.
GT-HI1CMUHIST 132United States History II3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 10/09/2020. Updated course title.
GT-HI1CSUANTH 140Introduction to Prehistory3.0008/01/2007  
GT-HI1CSUETST252Asian American History3.0008/01/2018 Effective Fall 2018.
GT-HI1CSUETST 253Chicana/o History and Culture3.0008/01/2007  
GT-HI1CSUHIST 100Western Civilization, Pre-Modern3.0008/01/2007  
GT-HI1CSUHIST 101Western Civilization, Modern3.0008/01/2007  
GT-HI1CSUHIST 115Islamic World to 18003.0008/01/200708/01/2015Course closed.
GT-HI1CSUHIST 120Asian Civilizations I3.0008/01/2007  
GT-HI1CSUHIST 121Asian Civilizations II3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: HIST 212.
GT-HI1CSUHIST 150U.S. History to 18763.0008/01/2007  
GT-HI1CSUHIST 151U.S. History Since 18763.0008/01/2007  
GT-HI1CSUHIST 170World History, Ancient -15003.0008/01/2007  
GT-HI1CSUHIST 171World History, 1500 - Present3.0008/01/2007  
GT-HI1CSUHIST/ETST250African American History3.0008/01/2007  
GT-HI1CSUHIST/ETST252Asian American History3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: ETCC/HY 252.
GT-HI1CSUHIST/ETST255Native American History3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: ETCC/HYCC 255.
GT-HI1CSUGHST201U.S. History I3.0006/04/2015 Re-approved 05/21/2019.
GT-HI1CSUGHST202U.S. History II3.0006/04/2015 Re-approved 05/21/2019.
GT-HI1CSUPCS 101Introduction to Chicano Studies3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 08/06/2020.
GT-HI1CSUPCS/HIST 136Southwest United States3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 08/13/2021.
GT-HI1CSUPHIST 101World Civilization to 11003.0008/01/200308/06/2020Course is no longer offered, effective Fall 2020.
GT-HI1CSUPHIST 102World Civilization from 1100 - 18003.0008/01/200308/06/2020Course is no longer offered, effective Fall 2020.
GT-HI1CSUPHIST 103World Civilization Since 18003.0008/01/200308/06/2020Course is no longer offered, effective Fall 2020.
GT-HI1CSUPHIST110World History to 15003.0008/01/2017 Effective Fall 2017
GT-HI1CSUPHIST111World History Post 15003.0008/01/2017 Effective Fall 2017
GT-HI1CSUPHIST 201U.S. History I3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 08/13/2021.
GT-HI1CSUPHIST 202U.S. History II3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 08/13/2021.
GT-HI1CTUHIST101Modern American History: 1950 to the 21st Century3.0008/01/201412/21/2016CTU is no longer participating in GT Pathways, effective 12/21/16.
GT-HI1FLCGWS 282Women in America to 18484.0008/01/200908/01/2016 
GT-HI1FLCGWS 283Women in America Since 18484.0008/01/200908/01/2016 
GT-HI1FLCHIST 140Survey of African History I4.0008/01/200608/01/2016 
GT-HI1FLCHIST 141Survey of African History II4.0008/01/200608/26/2019Course has been deleted from catalog and is no longer offered. 10/29/2019
GT-HI1FLCHIST 150World Civilization I3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 12/10/2019. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST150World Civilization 14.0001/01/200708/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST151World Civilization II4.0001/01/200708/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST 151World Civilization II3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 12/10/2019. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST 160Survey of Western Civilization I4.0008/01/200308/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST 160Western Civilization I3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 12/10/2019. Course title changed. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST 170Survey of East Asian Civilization I4.0008/01/200608/01/2016 
GT-HI1FLCHIST 171Survey of East Asian Civilization II4.0008/01/200608/01/2016 
GT-HI1FLCHIST 181U.S. Environmental History3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 12/10/2019. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST181U.S. Environmental History4.0008/01/200608/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST261Western Civilization II: 1350 to Present4.0008/01/200308/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST 261Western Civilization II3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 12/10/2019. Course title changed. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST 262Tolerance and Persecution in the Middle Ages4.0008/01/200608/01/2016 
GT-HI1FLCHIST 263Medieval Life-Modern Film & Literature4.0008/01/200608/01/2016 
GT-HI1FLCHIST270Colonial Latin America4.0001/01/200708/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST 270Colonial Latin America3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 12/10/2019. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST271Latin America Since Independence4.0008/01/200608/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST 271Modern Latin America3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 12/10/2019. Course title changed. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST 280U.S. History to 18773.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 12/10/2019. Course title changed. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST280Survey of U.S. History: 1600 to 18774.0008/01/200708/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST281Survey of U.S. History: 1877 to Present4.0008/01/200308/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST 281U.S. History Since 18773.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 12/10/2019. Course title changed. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCHIST 282Women in America to 18484.0008/01/200908/01/2016 
GT-HI1FLCHIST 283Women in America Since 18484.0008/01/200908/01/2016 
GT-HI1FLCNAIS 123Native American History3.0008/01/2016 Re-approved 12/10/2019. Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCNAIS123Native American History4.0001/01/201208/01/2016Credit hours changed from 4 to 3.
GT-HI1FLCSW 125History of Hispanos in the Southwest3.0008/01/200802/01/2013 
GT-HI1FLCSW 131Southwest History and Culture3.0008/01/200602/01/2012 
GT-HI1FLCSW 181US/SW Environmental History3.0008/01/200602/01/2013 
GT-HI1MSUDAAS 2130West African Civilizations3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
GT-HI1MSUDAAS/CHS/HIS1150Multicultural America3.0008/26/2019 AAS and CHS are newly cross listed with HIS, effective Fall 2023.
GT-HI1MSUDAAS/HIS 1130/1940Survey of African History3.0008/01/2006 Cross-listed courses. Re-approved 06/25/2019.
GT-HI1MSUDCHS 1010History of Meso-America: Pre-Columbian and Colonial Eras3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
GT-HI1MSUDCHS 1020History of the Chicana/o in the Southwest: 1810 to Present3.0008/01/200606/07/2017Removed by UCCS 06/07/2017.
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 1000American Civilization3.0008/01/200608/01/2015 
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 1010Western Civilization to 16033.0008/01/200308/01/2015 
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 1020Western Civilization since 16033.0008/01/200308/01/2015 
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 1030World History to 15003.0001/09/2004 Re-approved 06/25/2019.
GT-HI1MSUDHIS1035Medieval World History3.0008/26/2019  
GT-HI1MSUDHIS1045Europe, Renaissance to the Present3.0008/17/2020 Effective Fall 2020
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 1110Colorado History I3.0001/10/200308/01/2015 
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 1250China and East Asia3.0008/01/2015 Course title changed. Re-approved 06/25/2019.
GT-HI1MSUDHIS1250China, Japan, Korea Since 18003.0008/01/200508/01/2015Course title changed.
GT-HI1MSUDHIS1270India and South Asia3.0008/26/2019  
GT-HI1MSUDHIS1300Latin American History3.0008/26/2019  
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 1650Women in U.S. History3.0001/10/200308/01/2015 
GT-HI1MSUDHIS1700Nature and Society3.0008/23/2021 Effective Fall 2021.
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 2010Contemporary World History3.0008/01/200608/01/2015 
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 3090Native Americans in American History3.0008/01/201008/01/2015 
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 3120Medieval History3.0008/01/201008/01/2015 
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 3590American Immigration History3.0008/01/201008/01/2015 
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 3700Modern China3.0008/01/201008/01/2015 
GT-HI1MSUDHIS 3770World of Islam3.0008/01/201008/01/2015 
GT-HI1MSUDHIS/ANT1005/1650Ancient Civilizations3.0008/26/2019  
GT-HI1MSUDHIS/GWS1600Women in World History3.0008/26/2019 Cross-listed courses. WMS prefix changed to GWS. Effective Fall 2020. Updated 01/28/2021.
GT-HI1MSUDHIS/HON 1040World History since 15003.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 06/25/2019. Course updated 01/28/2021 to include new cross-list: HIS/HON 1040. Effective Fall 2020.
GT-HI1MSUDHIS/HON1210/1211American History to 18653.0008/01/2003 Cross-listed courses. Re-approved 06/25/2019.
GT-HI1MSUDHIS/HON1220/1221American History since 18653.0008/01/2003 Cross-listed courses. Re-approved 06/25/2019.
GT-HI1UCBCAMW 2001The American West3.0008/01/2007  
GT-HI1UCBCEES/HIST2002Introduction to Central and Eastern European Studies3.0008/01/200708/01/2007Course never was an approved GTP History course.
GT-HI1UCBCLAS2110Women in Ancient Rome3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course number & title changed: added WMST prefix; Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Rome.
GT-HI1UCBCLAS/HIST 1051The World of Ancient Greeks3.0001/10/2003 Added CLAS prefix, 6/8/16.
GT-HI1UCBCLAS/HIST 1061The Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome3.0008/01/2003 Added CLAS prefix, 6/8/16.
GT-HI1UCBCLAS/WMST 2110Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Rome3.0006/08/2016 Original course number: CLAS 2110; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST1010Western Civilization 13.0001/10/200306/08/2016Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1011Greeks, Romans, Kings & Crusaders: European History to 16003.0006/08/2016 Course title & number changed; original course number: HIST 1010.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1012Empire, Revolution, and Global War: European History Since 16003.0006/08/2016 Course title & number changed; original course number: HIST 1020.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1015History of the United States to 18653.0008/01/200306/08/2016Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1015American History to 18653.0006/08/2016 Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST1020Western Civilization II: 16th Century to the Present3.0008/01/200306/08/2016Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1025History of the United States Since 18653.0008/01/200306/08/2016Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1025American History Since 18653.0006/08/2016 Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1028Introduction to Modern Latin American History Since 18003.0006/08/2016 Original course number: HIST 1038; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1035Honors: The United States to 18653.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course closed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1038Introduction to Latin American History3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course number changed to HIST 1028; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1040Honors: Western Civilization 23.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course closed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST1108Introduction to Jewish History3.0008/01/200906/08/2016Course number changed to HIST/JWST 1828; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1123Introduction to British History Since 16603.0006/08/2016 Original course number: 2123; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1208Sub-Saharan Africa to 18003.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course number changed to 1218; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1218Introduction to Sub-Saharan African History to 18003.0006/08/2016 Original course number: 1208; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1408Introduction to South Asian History3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course number changed to HIST 1528; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1528Introduction to South Asian History Since 17573.0006/08/2016 Original course number: 1408; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1618Introduction to Chinese History to 16443.0008/01/2005 Original course #/title: HIST 1608 Intro to Chinese History.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 1708Introduction to Japanese History3.0008/01/2007  
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2015Themes in Early American History3.0006/08/2016 Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2015History of Early America3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2123The History of England, 1660 to Present3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course number changed to HIST 1123; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2170History of Christianity 1: To the Reformationnnn3.0006/08/2016 Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2170History of Christianity I3.0008/01/200906/08/2016Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2215-001The Era of the American Revolution3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course closed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2220History of War and Society3.0006/08/2016 Original course number: 2222; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2222War and Society in the Modern World3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course number changed to HIST 2220; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2227History of the American Southwest3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course closed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2326Issues in the History of U.S. Society and Culture3.0006/08/2016 Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2326Issues in American Thought and Culture3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2513The History of Ireland, 1600 to Present3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course closed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2543Medieval Societies3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course closed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2616U.S. Women's History3.0006/08/2016 Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2616Women's History3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2626Gender and Culture3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course closed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2636Women of Color and Social Activism3.0008/01/200906/08/2016Course number changed to HIST 2636/WMST 2400; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2746Christianity in American History3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course closed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST 2866American History and Film3.0008/01/200706/08/2016Course closed.
GT-HI1UCBHIST/JWST1828Introduction to Jewish History Since 14923.0006/08/2016 Original course number: HIST 1108; course title changed.
GT-HI1UCBWMST2400Women of Color and Activism3.0006/08/2016 Added WMST 2400 & removed HIST 2636 (course no longer cross-listed with HIST); course title changed.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST102Medieval World3.0001/10/200308/20/2010Course number changed to 1020.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1020Medieval World3.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 102.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST103The Rise of Modern Europe, 1500-18153.0001/10/200308/20/2010Course number changed to 1030.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1030The Rise of Modern Europe, 1500-18153.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 103.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST104Modern Europe, 1815-Present3.0001/10/200308/20/2010Course number changed to 1040.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1040Modern Europe, 1815-Present3.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 104.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST111Asian History: Southeast Asia3.0001/01/201008/20/2010Course number changed to 1110.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1110Asian History: Southeast Asia3.0001/01/2010 Original course number: 111.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST112Asian History: The Indian Subcontinent3.0001/01/201008/20/2010Course number changed to 1120.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1120Asian History: The Indian Subcontinent3.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 112.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST113Asian History: China3.0001/01/201008/20/2010Course number changed to 1130.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1130Asian History: China3.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 113.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST114Asian History: Japan3.0001/01/201008/20/2010Course number changed to 1140.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1140Asian History: Japan3.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 114.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST140Latin America to 18103.0001/01/201008/20/2010Course number changed to 1400.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1400Latin America to 18103.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 140.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST141Latin America Since 18103.0001/01/201008/20/2010Course number changed to 1410.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1410Latin America Since 18103.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 141.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST151U.S.: Birth of a Nation, 1607-17893.0001/10/200308/20/2010Course number changed to 1510.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1510US: Birth of a Nation, 1607-17893.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 151.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST152U.S.: Expansion and Division, 1789-18773.0001/10/200308/20/2010Course number changed to 1520.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1520U.S.: Expansion and Division, 1789-18773.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 152.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST153Emergence of Modern America, 1865-19203.0001/10/200308/20/2010Course number changed to 1530.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1530Emergence of Modern America, 1865-19203.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 153.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST154Recent America, 1918-Present3.0001/10/200308/20/2010Course number changed to 1540.
GT-HI1UCCSHIST 1540U.S.: Recent America, 1918-Present3.0008/20/2010 Original course number: 154.
GT-HI1UCDETST 2155African American History3.0001/01/2007 Re-approved 05/21/2019.
GT-HI1UCDHIST 1016World History to 15003.0001/10/200308/01/2006 
GT-HI1UCDHIST 1026World History Since 15003.0001/10/200308/01/2006 
GT-HI1UCDHIST 1361U.S. History to 18763.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 05/21/2019.
GT-HI1UCDHIST 1362U.S. History Since 18763.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 05/21/2019.
GT-HI1UCDHIST 1381Paths to the Present I3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 05/21/2019.
GT-HI1UCDHIST 1382Getting Here: Paths to the Present II3.0008/01/200306/22/2022Course is no longer offered, effective Summer 2022.
GT-HI1UCDHIST1400Controversies in History3.0008/01/2013 Re-approved 05/21/2019.
GT-HI1UNCAFS 100Introduction to Africana Studies3.0008/01/2008 Re-approved 11/08/2018.
GT-HI1UNCAFS 101Development of Black Identity3.0008/01/2007 Re-approved 11/08/2018.
GT-HI1UNCAFS 201African American History I3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 11/08/2018.
GT-HI1UNCAFS 202African American History II3.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 11/08/2018.
GT-HI1UNCHIST 100Survey of American History from Its Beginnings to 18773.0001/10/2003 Re-approved 06/23/2017.
GT-HI1UNCHIST 101Survey of American History from 1877 to Present3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 06/23/2017.
GT-HI1UNCHIST 110African Civilization3.0008/01/2007 Re-approved 12/17/2018.
GT-HI1UNCHIST 112Asian Civilization I: From Prehistory to 15003.0001/01/2010 Course title changed. Re-approved 12/17/2018.
GT-HI1UNCHIST 113Asian Civilization II: From 1500 to the Present3.0001/01/2007 Re-approved 02/08/2018. Title changed from "Asian Civilizations: From 1500 to the Present".
GT-HI1UNCHIST114World History to 15003.0008/26/2019  
GT-HI1UNCHIST115World History Since 15003.0008/26/2019  
GT-HI1UNCHIST 118History of Mexico3.0001/01/2007 Re-approved 12/17/2018.
GT-HI1UNCHIST 120Western Civilization from Ancient Greece to 16893.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 06/23/2017.
GT-HI1UNCHIST 121Western Civilization from 1689 to the Present3.0008/01/2003 Re-approved 06/23/2017.
GT-HI1UNCHIST250LGBTQ History in the U.S.3.0008/15/2022 Effective Fall 2022
GT-HI1UNCHIST 283Russian Civilization3.0001/01/200708/01/2015Course is no longer offered, effective Fall 2015.
GT-HI1UNCMAS225Latina/Latino History3.0008/15/2022 Effective Fall 2022
GT-HI1WCUHIST100Topics in World History3.0008/15/2022 Effective Fall 2022.
GT-HI1WCUHIST 101World History to 15003.0008/01/2003 Course title changed. Re-approved on 03/18/2019.
GT-HI1WCUHIST 102World History since 15003.0008/01/2003 Course title changed. Re-approved 03/18/2019.
GT-HI1WCUHIST 126U.S. History to 18653.0008/01/2003 Course title changed. Re-approved 03/18/2019.
GT-HI1WCUHIST 127U.S. History since 18653.0008/01/2003 Course title changed. Re-approved 03/18/2019.
GT-HI1WCUHIST128Environmental History of North America3.0008/15/2022 Effective Fall 2022
GT-HI1WCUHIST 250History of the Middle East3.0001/01/2007 Re-approved 12/06/2021.
GT-HI1WCUHIST251History of Europe3.0008/15/2022 Effective Fall 2022
GT-HI1WCUHIST254A History of Africa3.0001/01/2014 Course title changed. Re-approved 03/18/2019.
GT-HI1WCUHIST260Introduction to Latin American History3.0008/01/2014 Course title changed. Re-approved 03/18/2019.
GT-HI1WCUHIST280History and Philosophy of Travel3.0008/15/2022 Effective Fall 2022
GT-HI1WCUHIST281Past Visions: History on Film3.0008/15/2022 Effective Fall 2022