Agenda May 2011

Colorado Commission on Higher Education Agenda
May 6, 2011 – 1:00 PM
Colorado State Capitol, Old Supreme Court Chambers,
Room 220, 200 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80203

Meeting Announcement

I. Opening Business

  1.  Attendance
  2.  Approval of Minutes for the April 1, 2011 Commission Meeting
  3.  Presentation by Community College of Aurora President, Dr. Linda Bowman
  4. Reports by the Chair, Commissioners, Commission Subcommittee and Advisory  
  5. Executive Director Report
  6. Public Comment

II. Consent Items

  1. Reauthorization of Educator Preparation Unit at Fort Lewis College
  2. Proposal to Offer a Master of Arts in Music Education at Adams State College
  3. Proposal to Offer a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at Mesa State College
  4. Proposal to Offer a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics at Metropolitan State College of Denver
  5. Initial Approval of Educator Preparation Unit and Programs at Colorado Technical University
  6. State Guaranteed General Education Courses
  7. FY 2012 COF Eligibility for off-campus programs
  8. Revised Two-Year Cash Funded Capital Program List – University of Colorado at  Colorado Springs

III. Action Items

  1. Amendments to the Colorado Commission on Higher Education By-Laws – Dr. Matt Gianneschi
  2. CCHE Leadership – Dr. Matt Gianneschi
  3. Degree Authorization Act -Yeshiva Torah Institute: Religious Exempt Authorization - Heather DeLange
  4. Colorado Community College System Academic Degree Designations – Dr. Cheryl Lovell
  5. CCHE 2011 Calendar: Proposal to Schedule CCHE Teleconference Call for FY2012   Financial Aid Allocations on June 2, 2011 and Proposal to Schedule a CCHE Retreat in Durango on August 4 – 5, 2011 - Dr. Matt Gianneschi

IV. Information Items

  1. Colorado Mountain College - New Baccalaureate Degree Programs  - Margot Plotz
  2. CCHE Master Plan Update – Dr. Kim Poast
  3. Legislative Update – Chad Marturano
  4. Budget Update – Mark Cavanaugh

V. Discussion Items

  1. August CCHE Business Meeting/Retreat Planning – Dr. Matt Gianneschi