Agenda January 2008

Colorado Commission on Higher Education Agenda
January 18, 2008 - 1:00 pm
Community College of Aurora
Classroom Building, Room 207 A/B
16000 E. CentreTech Parkway
Aurora, CO

I. Opening Business

  1. Attendance
  2. Approval of Minutes for the December 6, 2007 Commission Meeting
  3. Welcome from CCA President Linda Bowman
  4. Reports by the Chair, Commissioners, Commission subcommittees, Advisory    Committee and Executive Director
  5. Briefing on the Statewide Dropout Summit – James Stewart/Janet Lopez
  6. Briefing on Higher Education Planning For Pandemic Flu – Dr. Ned Calonge
  7. Briefing on Governor’s Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids – Matt Gianneschi

II. Action Items

  1. Proposed Legislation Concerning the Capital Construction Approval Process -    Andrew Carlson
  2. Legislation Concerning New Funding for Higher Education Capital Projects –  
    Andrew Carlson
  3. Approval of Department of Education Nominees for Advisory Committee –  David  Skaggs
  4. Policy for Advisory Committee Expense Reimbursement – David Skaggs


III. Items for Discussion

  1. 2007 Legislative Report on Remediation – Julie Carnahan
  2. Title 23 Clean-up Legislation – David Skaggs/Cathy Wanstrath
  3. Update on Fiscal Year 2008-09 Budget Process – Diane Lindner, David Skaggs