Frequently Asked Questions about
Transferring gtPathways Coursework

When did the new statewide guaranteed general education transfer policy go into effect?

It began to apply to new students who enrolled in community college courses
beginning in the fall semester, 2003.

What courses are guaranteed to transfer?

Up to 35-37 credits of approved general education courses taken at a Colorado public college or university are guaranteed to transfer among all two- and four-year institutions. And, if you finish your AA or AS degree at a community college, 60 credits of community college coursework will transfer, upon your admission, to a four-year college or university, where you will arrive with junior standing.

Since there is a list of approved general education courses guaranteed to transfer statewide, does this mean that if I complete these courses I’m guaranteed admission to another public Colorado institution of higher education?

No. There are separate admissions policies approved by the CCHE for first-time and transfer students for all public higher education institutions in Colorado. You need to check with the college or university you’re thinking of transferring to in order to find out about their admissions requirements.

What if I’m a currently enrolled community college student who started before the fall, 2003 semester? May I still complete my AA or AS degree requirements under the transfer policies in place when I first enrolled?

Yes, but you need to complete all old core requirements by the end of the summer of 2005. After that, you may finish your AA or AS degree requirements as originally planned and transfer, upon acceptance to a four-year school, using the old transfer policies. However, if you do not finish your old core requirements by the end of the summer term, 2005, then the new statewide transfer policies apply.

How will I know if a general education course I’ve taken is guaranteed to transfer?

A general education course is guaranteed to transfer statewide only if it was
approved for the guaranteed transfer program at the time you completed it.
However, colleges and universities may consider accepting in transfer courses
that are not on the statewide list, or were not when you completed them. Always
check with the specific 4-year institution about the acceptance of transfer credits
before you enroll. Some majors require specific general education courses to be
completed as part of your 2-year degree in order to finish a 4-year degree in a
timely manner. Please see 4-year transfer guides.