About the Program

Our History

The Colorado Commission on Higher Education established in 1972 what is now called the Statewide Extended Studies Program. It was created to provide an organized way to deliver college courses to those wishing to continue their education. Considerable thought and planning was focused on developing a cost-effective system that avoided duplication of programs while creating optimum access for both rural and urban communities. Through this program credit courses, certificates, complete degree programs and non-credit courses in professional fields have been delivered. The Statewide Extended Campus has always been a leader in developing and using delivery formats that provide convenience and flexibility for learners.

Today prospective students can choose courses delivered in a variety of formats. Whether you decide to learn in a traditional classroom environment, online, evenings or weekends you will find opportunities to continue your education, achieve learning goals and improve the quality of your life.

What's Next

If you wish to contact one of the participating schools to learn more about what they offer click on the Participating Colleges and Universities button. Select the college or university you wish to contact for more information click the name and you will be connected to their Web site.

For those who are interested in learning at a distance or on your schedule, link to the Colorado Consortium for Independent Study by clicking on that button. Here you will find an interactive website that will provide assistance in finding the course or subject area you are seeking.

If you are a teacher or a K-12 administrator and are looking for continuing education opportunities, link to the Resource Directory for Educators. Here you will find a wide variety of courses designed to meet your continuing education needs.

If you'd rather discuss your goals by phone or in person you will find phone numbers and addresses at each of the institutions' web sites. However you decide to proceed, you will discover a wealth of information and people interested in helping you to succeed with your plans.