Background Materials

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Steering Committee Materials

Jan 27, 2010 1993-1998 Higher Education Master Plan PDF
  2001-2002 Higher Education Master Plan (begins on page 47) PDF
  2003 Blue Ribbon Panel Letter (1/24/03) PDF
  2003 Blue Ribbon Executive Summary PDF
  2003 Blue Ribbon Report (1/10/03) PDF
  Colorado P.E.A.K. Plan Concept Paper (11/14/2009) PDF
  State Funded Financial Aid Overview (2009) PDF
  Joint Education Committee DHE Oversight Hearing (1/28/2010) PDF
  Higher Education Policies PDF
  Colorado Higher Education Overview (01/2010) PDF
  Higher Education Funding Graphs (General Fund & ARRA) PDF
  COF Evaluation and Related Policies (5/5/2009) PDF
  Tough Choices Shared Sacrifice Spending Less (11/10/2009) PDF
  Delta Cost Project white paper - The dreaded “P” word PDF
  2010-11 JBC Figure Setting (02/10/2010) PDF
  Presentation by David Longanecker, President, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education PDF
Feb 24, 2010 No Materials Posted  
Mar 24, 2010 Meeting Rescheduled  
Apr 1, 2010 Completion-based Funding for Higher Education, MHEC (Feb 2009) PDF
  Comparison of Higher Education Strategic Plans from Texas, Indiana, Washington, and Kentucky PDF
  HESP Timeline (by milestone, committee work) - Draft (3/22/10) PDF
  Comparison of Higher Education Strategic Plans from Texas, Indiana, Washington, and Kentucky PDF
  Summary of H.R. 4872, the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010; Association of Community College Trustees PDF
  Letter to HESP from the General Assembly, State of Colorado; 3/11/10 PDF
  Presentation: What we’ve learned so far about Colorado Public Higher Education PDF
  HESP Charges PDF
  Accessibility Subcommittee Working Framework PDF
Apr 28, 2010 HESP Goals Only; Feb 2009 PDF
  Strategic Planning Roster no e-mail PDF
May 26, 2010 Review of 2010 Legislative Session; May 2010 PDF
  Preliminary Analysis of Amendment 60; The Bell Policy Center; www.thebell.org; PDF
  Preliminary Analysis of Amendment 61; The Bell Policy Center; www.thebell.org; PDF
  Preliminary Analysis of Prop 101; The Bell Policy Center; www.thebell.org; PDF
June 23, 2010 Higher Education in Colorado: A Public Imperative; Draft PDF
  HESP Recommendation Evaluation Worksheet; PDF
  Philosophical Approach, Goals; PPT
Jul 28, 2010 WICHE Policy Alert - National Center and Southern Regional Education Board: Improving College Readiness Through Coherent State Policy; 7/6/10 PDF
Aug 3, 2010 Goals and Recommendations; 8/3/10 PDF
  Sub-Committee Recommendations; 8/3/10 PDF
  CCCS Response to Pipeline; Nancy McCallin; 8/3/10 PDF
  CCCS Response to Sustainability; 8/3/10 PDF
  CU Response; Benson; 7/30/10 PDF
  CU Response Attachments PDF
  Retreat Presentation; 8/3/10 PDF
Aug 25, 2010 Draft Plan; 8/23/10 PDF
  Chart: Degree Growth Estimates; 8/25/10 PDF
  Colorado Job Growth; Complete College America; 8/25/10 PDF
  Memo: Telling the Higher Education Story; Talmey-Drake Research & Strategy, Inc.; Bob Drake and Lori Weigel; 8/25/10 PDF
Sep 3, 2010 Draft Plan; 9/2/10 PDF
  Letter from Colorado Mountain College; Stanley Jensen, Ph.D.; 9/2/10 PDF
Sep 22, 2010 Sub-Committee Recommendations; 9/17/10 PDF
  Draft Strategic Plan; 9/22/10 PDF
Oct 27, 2010 Draft Strategic Plan; 10/27/10 PDF
  Combined Institutional/Public Comment; 10/27/10 PDF


Accessibility Materials

Feb 9, 2010 No Materials Posted  
Feb 23, 2010 Breakthrough Thinking, Chapter 1- It's Up to You; The Conventional You; PDF
  2009 Legislative Report on Remedial Education; Feb 2010; PDF
Mar 9, 2010 Draft - Accessibility Definition in Colorado; PDF
  Working Framework; February, 2010 PDF
  Expanding the Positive Effect of Career & Technical Education, CCTE; Dr. Geri Anderson and Scott Stump; CCCS PDF
  Comprehensive Guidance for Career Development, CCTE; PDF
  Colorado Career Cluster Model; CCCS; 2/9/10 PDF
  Colorado Succeeds, Summary Report; PDF
Mar 23, 2010 EQUITABLE ACCESS, SUCCESS AND QUALITY IN HIGHER EDUCATION: A Policy Statement by the International Association of Universities; July 2008 PDF
  The Challenge to States: Preserving College Access and Affordability in a Time of Crisis; The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education; March 2009 PDF
April 13, 2010 Working Framework; HESP Accessibility Subcommittee; March 2010 PDF
  Reconciliation: Important Gains in Postsecondary Education, but Also Missed Opportunities; Thomas Hilliard and Amy Ellen Duke-Benfield; CLASP; March 30, 2010 PDF
  Graduation Rates, from Public Institutions (2002 Cohort); CDHE; March 2010 PDF
  Retention Rates (2007 - 2008); CDHE; Aug 2009 PDF
  Resident Undergraduate Tuition and Fees (30 Credit Hours Per Academic Year); CDHE; Sep 2009 PDF
  Institutional Matrix; April 2010 Excel
  Decision Matrix; April 2010 Excel
  Recommendation Matrix; April 2010 PDF
  Carnegie Classifications by Institution; PDF
  State Funded Financial Aid; April 14, 2010 PPT
  Tentative Schedule for Accessibility Subcommittee; April 2010 PDF
April 27, 2010 Accessibility in Admissions; College Readiness; 4/27/10 PPT
  Institutional Matrix; Compiled by DHE Excel
  Developing a Methodology for Ensuring Access of Low-Income Students in Colorado; NCHEMS; 8/19/09 PPT
May 11, 2010 Accessibility Subcommittee Working Framework, April 2010 PDF
  Accessibility Subcommittee Framework Presentation, May 2010 PPT
  Access Standards: A New View; May 2010 PPT
May 25, 2010 Colorado State University-Global Campus Summary; PPT
  Increasing Postsecondary Access through Online Education; CCCS; 05/25/10 PPT
  CCCOnline Student Demographics by Colorado Counties; 5/25/10 PDF
June 8, 2010 Joint Admissions Agreement (JAA); Rhode Island PDF
  Article: Wal-Mart to Offer Its Workers a College Program; New York Times; June 3, 2010 PDF
  Data: Degree Awarded 2008, 2009; DHE/SURDS; PDF
  Data: Student Enrollment and Financial Aid Graphs; DHE/SURDS; PDF
  Article: For-profit colleges reshaping higher ed; Education News; Julie Poppen; 5/27/10 HTML
  Framework and Recommendations; 6/22/10 PPT
  Goal Statement; 6/22/10 PPT
July 13, 2010 Recommendations; 7/13/10 PPT
  Degree Authorization Act Summary; Heather Delange; 7/1/10 PPT
  Goal Statement; 6/23/10 PPT
  Colorado Degree Production Benchmarked Against U.S. Average and Other States;7/13/10 PPT
  Complete to Compete: Common College Completion Metrics, Executive Summary; Ryan Reyna, NGA Center for Best Practices; June 2010 PDF
  Financial Aid Allocations, Private Schools, FY2011; 7/13/10 PDF
July 27, 2010 Draft Recommendations for Measuring Completion; 7/27/10 PPT
August 24, 2010 Subcommittee Recommendations; 8/17/10 PDF
  CCCS Response; 8/17/10 PDF
  UNC Response; 8/17/10 PDF


Mission Materials

Feb 3, 2010 No Materials Posted  
Feb 17, 2010 Developing Effective Policy Analysis in Higher Education, by Judith Gill & Laura Saunders PDF
  Analyzing Faculty Workload, by Jon F. Wergin PDF
  Kentucky Postsecondary Education Improvement Act of 1997 PDF
  "Colorado Demographic Trends” by Elizabeth Garner, State Demographer PPT
March 3, 2010 No Materials Posted  
March 17, 2010 No Materials Posted  
April 7, 2010 HB-1187 Summary PDF
  Common Functions of Governing Boards and Coordinating Boards compared to CCHE PDF
  Pros and Cons of Gubernatorial Appointment of Executive Director PDF
April 21, 2010 No Materials Posted  
May 5, 2010 Senate Bill 10-003_C.001; 4/29/10 PDF
May 19, 2010 See Sustainability Materials for May 19, 2010  
June 2, 2010 Student Enrollment and Financial Aid Graphs; DHE; 6/2/10 PDF
  Index Scores by Institution; DHE; 6/2/10 PDF
June 16, 2010 No Materials Posted  
July 7, 2010 The Politics of Restructuring Higher Education in Virginia: A Case
; Leslie, David W., Berdahl, Robert Oliver; Project Muse; Spring 2008
  Discussion Paper; 7/7/10 PDF
July 21, 2010 Recommendations; 7/21/10 PDF
August 4, 2010 Recommendations; 8/4/10 PDF


Pipeline Materials

Feb 17, 2010 Chairman Peña suggests that members familiarize themselves with the Tough Choices of Tough Times report of 2008 HTML
  Please also review the Remediation report 2009 HTML
  Also, please review the adopted PostSecondary and WorkForce Readiness Definition PDF
Mar 3, 2010 Education Commission of the States “Getting Past Go” PDF
  Texas Higher Education Commission “Closing the Gaps” PDF
  Jobs for the Future, Joel Vargas, Various Publications HTML
Mar 17, 2010 Projections of High School Graduates by State and Race/Ethnicity, 1992-2022 (March 2008) PDF
  Projected Change in Colorado Population byAge and Race/Ethnicity, 2006‐25 PDF
  Education Requirements for Workforce Participation PDF
  Characteristics of Remedial Students, CCCS PDF
  Vision-Mission-Objective-Strategies-Tactics (3/10/10) PDF
  Issues Table (3/10/10) PDF
  Discussion Paper: Increasing Postsecondary Credential Attainment among Adult Workers: A Model for Governors PDF
Apr 7, 2010 2009 P-20 Council Policy Concept PDF
  P-20 Council Overview; 3/3/10 PDF
  P-12 Education Statistics as of Fall 2009; 4/6/10 PDF
  Pipeline Subcommittee Update; 3/24/10 PDF
  P-20 Council Preparations & Transitions Committee; 2/27/09 PDF
  Pipeline Recs; 3/31/10 PDF
Apr 21, 2010 Fall 2008 Transfer Report, CCCS PDF
  Matrix - Pipeline Issues, Version 2; 4/19/10 PDF
  Update; 4/19/10 PDF
  Measuring Up: The State Report Card on Higher Education, 2006; The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education PDF
  Article: New York Times "Class Warrior", by Carlo Rotella; Feb 1, 2010 PDF
  Pipeline Demographics Excel
May 5, 2010 Matrix - Pipeline Issues, 5/3/10 PDF
  Pipeline Demographics, 5/5/10 (newer version below: Supporting Data) PPT
  College In Colorado Demo, 5/5/10 PPT
  Pipeline Best Practices, Resources to Help Students Succeed; College Readiness; 5/5/10 PPT
May 19, 2010 P-20 Supporting Data, 5/17/10 PPT
  Recommendations Status Sheet, 5/17/10 Excel
  The Challenge to States: Preserving College Access and Affordability in a Time of Crisis; March 2009; The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education PDF
  Basic Skills as a Foundation for Student Success in California Community Colleges; Basic Skills Initiative; www.cccbsi.org PDF
  Article: Rethinking Remedial Education, by Elizabeth Redden; Inside Higher Ed; 1/29/08 PDF
  Article: College Prep for All? What We've Learned in Chicago; By Christopher Mazzeo, Elaine Allensworth & Valerie Lee; 4/27/10  HTML
July 7, 2010 Recommendations List; Draft; 5/26/10 PDF
  Recommendations Status Sheet; Draft; 6/22/10 PDF
  Supporting Data; 6/16/10 PPT
July 21, 2010 Recommendations List; Draft; 7/6/10 PDF
  Recommendations Status Sheet, 5/17/10 Excel
  Updated Recommendations List; Draft; 8/16/10 PDF
  Updated Recommendations Status Sheet, 9/7/10 PDF


Sustainability Materials

Feb 1, 2010 No Materials Posted  
Feb 10, 2010 Student FTE patterns from FY 1991-92 through FY 2008-09.   The first page contains the FTE data itself and the remaining pages present the data in chart form. PDF
  Colorado’s relative position for Resident Undergraduate Tuition and Fees -  Note that the data is organized by Flagship, Comprehensive Colleges/Universities and Community Colleges. PDF
  Fiscal Note for HB 04-1011 - The 2004 bill would authorize a governing board to choose to withdraw employees from the State Personnel System.  Employees would then elect to remain under the existing retirement system or become employees in an alternate system.  No fiscal impact was specified but because employees costs and savings were determined to be minimal for the first years after adoption. PDF
  A DHE memo briefly outlining why Colorado did not opt for the Oregon approach for distributing state financial aid. PDF
  Governing Board per FTE Funding FY 2008-09 - A one-page chart outlining state support per student FTE by Colorado Governing Board.  DHE staff is assembling the data that will further “equalize” revenue sources by governing board. PDF
  Summary of FY09-10 State Support, Federal ARRA Support, and Tuition Revenue by Governing Board - A one-page chart showing state and federal support and tuition revenue by governing board. PDF
  A white paper on access and affordability the JBC requested in response to discussion on tuition flexibility during the 2009 legislative session. PDF
Feb 22, 2010 FTE Student Enrollment Report, FY2010 Excel
  Revenues by source to pay education related expenses PDF
  Revenue Estimates for FY 2010, 2011, 2012 PDF
Mar 22, 2010 Summary of Colorado State and Local Revenue, FY 2003-04 PDF
  Summary of Colorado State and Local Revenue, FY 2005-06 PDF
  Regional Economic Impact, 2009, Mesa State College PDF
  Briefing Issue: Closing; FY2010-11 Joint Budget Committee Staff Budget Briefing, DHE PDF
  Briefing Issue: Privatizing; FY2010-11 Joint Budget Committee Staff Budget Briefing, DHE PDF
  Focus Colorado: Economic And Revenue Forecast; Colorado Legislative Council Staff Economics Section - March 19, 2010 PDF
  March 2010 Revenue Forecast, Office of State Planning and Budgeting PDF
  Tuition Increase Necessary to Backfil State Funding based on Total Revenues PDF
Mar 29, 2010 Budget aid or recovery killer: Debate over tax hike heats up; The Arizona Republic, Mary Jo Pitzl 3/14/10; PDF
  U. of California Panel Offers a Timid Response to Budget Crisis; Josh Keller, 3/23/10; PDF
  Dedicated Funding for Higher Education: Alternatives for Tough Economic Times; Alene Russell, Dec 2008 PDF
  State Support for Higher Education in Fiscal Year 2008-09, by State, Per $1,000 in Personal Income; Jan 2010 PDF
  House Bill 10-1157; Second Regular Session; Sixty-seventh General Assembly; State of Colorado PDF
  House Bill 10-1157, LOCAL CONDITIONAL FISCAL IMPACT; 1/29/10 PDF
  Video Lottery Terminals and Structural Budget Issues in Maryland; Department of Legislative Services Office of Policy Analysis Annapolis, Maryland, 10/23/2008 PDF
  Overview of Dedicated Funding Streams; 1/17/2007 PPT
  Statewide 4 Mill Levy, by Count; CDPT 2008 Annual Report PDF
  Assessed Valuation, Revenue And Average Levies(1) by County PDF
  State Actions for Improving Higher Education Productivity; Julie Davis Bell, NCSL Education Program, March 29, 2010 PPT
  2008 Percent Property Tax Revenues by Taxing Classification PDF
  2008 Property Tax Revenues by Taxing Classification PDF
  Certification of Levies and Revenues, Eagle County, Jan 2009 PDF
  Certification of Levies and Revenues, Pitkin County, Jan 2009 PDF
  Certification of Levies and Revenues, Weld County, Jan 2009 PDF
April 12, 2010 The Impact of Public Higher Education on the State of Colorado; The Adams Group, Inc.; Dec 2007 PDF
  2010 State Business Tax Climate Index: An Executive Summary; Kail M. Padgitt; Sep 2009 PDF
  Memo: How Colorado Compares In State and Local Taxes; Ron Kirk, Economics Section, CLCS; Jul 2009 PDF
  Frequently Asked Questions, DECIDE (HCR 1002 / SCR 002); Great Futures Colorado; PDF
  Article: Group wants to free education from limits of TABOR; The Denver Post; Mar, 25, 2010 PDF
  Article: Governor Proposes Rise in Income Tax for Illinois; The New York Times; Mar, 10, 2010 PDF
  Article: Granholm: Sales tax on services needed to bolster education; The Detroit News; Mar, 29, 2010 PDF
  State Tax Chart 2006, Tables 1-4; Department of Revenue, Legislative Council Staff PDF
  Memo: State Sales Tax Revenue; Jim Jacobs; April 12, 2010 PDF
  4 Mills Scenario; Property Tax of 4 Mills on Residential and Commercial Property; April 12, 2010 PDF
April 26, 2010 Statewide 4 Mill Levy by County Excel
  FTA Survey of Services Taxation - Update; July 2008 PDF
  Summary of Colorado State and Local Revenue, FY 2005-06; US Census Bureau Excel
  Article: Keno for colleges plan debuts; EdNews Colorado; 4/22/10 PDF
  Editorial: A bad gamble for higher ed; The Denver Post; 4/23/10 PDF
  Memorandum: Broadening the Sales Tax to Services; CLCS; 4/23/10 PDF
  Memorandum: Property Taxes, Mill Levies and Tuition and Fee Comparisons; Jim Jacobs; 4/26/10 PDF
  Fall 2008 Published Tuition and Fee Rates for FY08-09; IPEDS PDF
  Percentage Change in Undergraduate and Graduate Required Tuition and Fees: One and Four Year Changes; Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board; Jim Jacobs; April 2010 PDF
  Resident Undergraduate Tuition and Required Fees, 2009-10; Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board, Tuition and Fee Rates, 2009-10, March 2010 PDF
  State Funded Financial Aid; CDHE; April 26, 2010 PPT
May 11, 2010 Article: Survive and Thrive in the Budget Cuts – a few ideas for kicks!; Jing Luan; 5/11/10 PDF
  Article: Three-year bachelor's degree gains popularity; Larry Gordon, Los Angeles Times; 4/22/10 PDF
  Article: Colleges Consider 3-Year Degrees To Save Undergrads Time, Money; Valerie Strauss, Washington Post; 5/23/09 PDF
  Article: Proposal to tax more D.C. services meets with protests; Nikita Stewart and Tim Craig, Washington Post; 5/6/10 PDF
  Article: Senate OKs sales tax increase; Jeannine Koranda, Wichita Eagle; 5/7/10 PDF
  Possible State Support Reduction Offset by 4 Mill Increase by County; CDHE; 5/11/10 PDF
  Severance Taxes and Federal Mineral Leases – a brief synopsis of Colorado’s activities; CDHE; 5/11/10 PDF
  Memo: Power Equalization in School Finance; Jim Jacobs; 5/11/10 PDF
May 19, 2010 Financing in Sync - Policy Brief; WICHE; October 2003 PDF
  SB10-003 CCHE Responsibility; May 2010 PDF
  Using Finance Policy to Advance State Goals; Dennis Jones, NCHEMS & David Longanecker, WICHE; 5/14/10 PPT
May 24, 2010 Scenarios; 5/24/10 PDF
  Total Severance Tax Revenue; www.dola.colorado.gov; 4/15/10 PDF
  Federal Mineral Lease Revenue; www.dola.colorado.gov; 4/15/10 PDF
  Mineral Property Tax Revenue; www.dola.colorado.gov; 4/15/10 PDF
  Overview of Mineral Taxes in Colorado State Severance Tax and Federal Mineral Lease Revenue; House and Senate Finance Committees; Marc Carey and Jason Schrock, Colorado Legislative Council Staff; 2/25/09 PPT
  Sales Tax on Services Breakout; 5/25/10 PDF
June 8, 2010 Executive Summary: Public College and University Procurement; AASCU (American Association of State Colleges and Universities), NAEP (National Association of Educational Procurement); PDF
  Memorandum: Difference Between Income Tax and Property Tax to Raise $350 Million; James Jacobs; PDF
  Memorandum: Revenue Differences Between 5% Income Tax Rate and 3% Sales Tax Rate and Current Rate; James Jacobs; PDF
  Coping Strategies of Public Universities During the Economic Recession of 2009; Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities; November 2009 PDF
  CSU System Cost Cutting and Cost Avoidance Efforts; PDF
  CU System Cost Reductions, Savings and Efficiencies; PDF
  For-Profit Institutions of Higher Education Business Model and Cost Savings; University of Phoenix PDF
  State Sales Tax Rates and Food & Drug Exemptions; FEDERATION OF TAX ADMINISTRATORS; 2/2010 HTML
  Base State Funding Scenarios; 6/8/10 PDF
June 21, 2010 Recommendations Status Sheet - Draft 6/21/10 PDF
  Funding Scenarios; 6/21/10 PDF
July 7, 2010 Memo: Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and Higher Education Community; Bob Drake and Lori Weigel; 4/15/2008 PDF
  Review of 2008 public opinion poll on higher education; Bob Drake and Lori Weigel; March 2008; PDF
  Memo: Pell Students as a Share of Total Students by Institution; Jim Jacobs; July 2010 PDF
  Resident Pell Recipients FTE and Share of Undergraduate Resident FTE; PDF
  Summary of Possible Revenue Streams to Fund Higher Education; 7/7/10 PDF
  Draft recommendations from the Community College System;7/7/10 PDF
  Sustainability draft recommendations (new format and updated); 7/7/10 PDF
  Letter from CSU System on draft recommendations; 7/2/10 PDF
  Ballot Measure Analysis #1; 7/7/10 PDF
  Ballot Measure Analysis #2; 7/7/10 PDF
July 23, 2010 Recommendations - Draft 7/22/10 PDF
  Mission & Governance Recommendations; Draft 7/22/10 PDF
  Summary of Possible Revenue Streams to Fund Higher Education; 7/23/10 PDF
  Higher Education Support per $1000 of Personal Income - Scenarios and National Comparison; 7/23/10 Excel



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