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Public Notice of Board Meeting - April 28, 2015


CDHE Statement Regarding Feb. 9 Denver Post article -

    “Lorna Candler is the Director of the Division of Private Occupational Schools. As the Director, she oversees a staff of seven charged with implementing statute concerning vocational schools in Colorado. The Department does not believe she has a conflict of interest with the current yoga teacher training matter for the following reasons:

    • Ms. Candler signed a conflict of interest form at the time of her employment with the Department disclosing her occasional employment as a yoga teacher. When recently contacted by the Yoga Alliance and their representatives, Ms. Candler disclosed her interest in yoga and her occasional employment as an instructor.
    • To avoid even any perception of a conflict, she handed the day-to-day oversight of the issue to her Deputy, Mary Kanaly.
    • Ms. Candler does not own or operate a yoga studio or teacher training school. The issue at hand is the regulation of teacher training programs, not yoga instruction.

    The Division and Ms. Candler as its Director are charged with implementing Colorado State law and Board policy. She does not decide which schools to regulate or not regulate as that is determined by state law and any changes by the legislature.”

  • DPOS Update on Yoga Teacher Trainings - At the Private Occupational School Board meeting held on January 27, 2015, the Board and Division of Private Occupational Schools agreed not to process any new or pending yoga teacher training program or school applications for a two-month period while the matter is under discussion.  The Board will re-visit the issue on March 24, 2015 during its regularly scheduled public meeting.  After the March meeting, the Division will provide notice on this website detailing the next steps required.  If you have any questions, please contact the Division’s Deputy Director, Mary Kanaly, at 303-866-4192 or submit public written comment for the Private Occupational School Board prior to February 17, 2015. Please direct written comments to:
  • Notice to All DPOS Schools - re: new forms
  • DPOS Statement on Corinthian Colleges - July 8, 2014 - For-profit education provider Corinthian Colleges has signed an operating agreement with the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) establishing a transition plan for its three Colorado campuses - Everest College - that will allow students to complete their educational programs. Learn more.

  • Notice to School Directors - re: Exemption of Continuing Education Courses for maintenance or renewal of a professional license issued by a Colorado state licensing entity
  • Colorado Open Records Act - The Colorado Department of Higher Education is committed to transparency and open government. Please review our revised Colorado Open Records Act Policy for information about fees associated with processing CORA requests.

  • The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) has developed a tremendous resource to assist students with loan issues.  The website has information on how to work through a default, repayment issues, renegotiating loans, other payment options, etc.