Postsecondary outcomes for Colorado's H.S. graduates

The 2015 Legislative Report on the Postsecondary Progress and Success of High School Graduates examines college enrollment, in-state vs. out-of-state enrollment, GPA, need for remediation, and concurrent enrollment rates for five years of Colorado's high school graduation classes (2009-2013). Read the report

Colorado now offers 28 transfer agreements in popular majors

The Colorado Commission on Higher Education has approved nine additional statewide transfer agreements, bringing the total to 28 – double the number required by statute. The coursework in these agreements is guaranteed to transfer to any public university in the state. The most recent agreements are in: art history, biology, chemistry, English, horticulture business management, music, physics, studio art and theater. Read the press release. Photo: Students in a veterinary technology class at Front Range Community College.

2015 Job Skills Report hones in on Colorado’s “Top Jobs”

The third annual legislatively mandated Job Skills Report delves into labor and postsecondary education data to discover areas where an adequate number of degrees and certificates are being generated to meet future workforce needs, along with gaps in the workforce pipeline. Read the press release, the summary, the full report and check out our interactive Top Jobs list Source: Photo courtesy Western Colorado Community College, a division of Colorado Mesa University

What's new

Educator preparation - Our latest report on the state's educator preparation programs shows a 7.8 percent drop in enrollment between 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. Read more.

Higher Ed Headlines - Get the latest news and information in the Colorado Department of Higher Education's monthly newsletter.

PARCC Pioneers - Two Colorado colleges are the nation's first "PARCC Pioneers." Aims Community College and Adams State University will begin accepting scores in 2016 to assess student readiness for college-level work. Read the press release.

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Key topics

  • Workforce outcomes - Find out what we're doing to make sure high school graduates are ready for college or the workforce, and what salaries they earn with what degrees
  • Guaranteed transfer - Colorado has many guided degree pathways and general education core courses guaranteed to transfer
  • P20 partnerships - K-12 and higher ed are teaming up in Colorado to improve outcomes for students. Check out this interactive timeline highlighting all our P20 initiatives.
  • Concurrent enrollment - Get the latest statistics showing one in five Colorado high school students is taking college classes
  • Colorado Completes! A new campaign celebrates programs at Colorado's campuses that are moving the needle on student success as demonstrated through convincing data.

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