Colorado now offers 28 transfer agreements in popular majors

The Colorado Commission on Higher Education Dec. 4 approved nine additional statewide transfer agreements, bringing the total to 28 – double the number required by statute. The coursework in these agreements is guaranteed to transfer to any public university in the state. The most recent agreements are in: art history, biology, chemistry, English, horticulture business management, music, physics, studio art and theater. Read the press release. Photo: Students in a veterinary technology class at Front Range Community College.

COSI offers $3.5 million in grant funding

The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative is making $3.4 million in grants available aimed at expanding and improving the network of programs focused on supporting students as they prepare for and pursue higher education. Learn more about eligible programs and the application process.

Remedial rate drops in 2013

The percentage of Colorado high school graduates who need remediation - or catch-up courses - when they get to college dropped 3 percentage points. This would seem to indicate that a variety of programs aimed at reducing the need for remediation while giving students the support they need, such as Supplemental Academic Instruction and the developmental education redesign at the Colorado Community College System, are working. Read the two-page summary.

What's New

Final HB14-1319 report - Read the final report on the proposed new funding formula for higher education in Colorado. The report is the culmination of seven months of hard work by higher education stakeholders statewide.

On free community college - Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia, who oversees the Colorado Department of Higher Education, weighs in on President Obama's free community college proposal. Read the press release.

Nine new transfer agreements - Colorado now has 28 statewide transfer agreements that will save students time and money en route to degree. Read the press release. Or get information on all of the state's transfer opportunities.

FAFSA Completion - The Colorado Department of Higher Education and Colorado Department of Education receive $600,000 grant from the Kresge Foundation to expand the FAFSA Completion Project. Read the release. And check out the project.

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Key Topics

  • HB1319 New funding model - Get meeting schedules, background information and anything you need to learn more about a new approach to higher education funding in Colorado.
  • Workforce outcomes - Find out what we're doing to make sure high school graduates are ready for college or the workforce, and what salaries they earn with what degrees
  • Guaranteed transfer - Colorado has many guided degree pathways and general education core courses guaranteed to transfer
  • P20 partnerships - K-12 and higher ed are teaming up in Colorado to improve outcomes for students. Check out this interactive timeline highlighting all our P20 initiatives.
  • Concurrent enrollment - Get the latest statistics showing one in five Colorado high school students is taking college classes
  • Educator preparation - Learn about work we're doing to support future teachers and elevate the profession
  • Colorado Completes! A new campaign celebrates programs at Colorado's campuses that are moving the needle on student success as demonstrated through convincing data.

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