Job Skills Report


This annual report discusses Colorado-specific issues related to postsecondary education and anticipated workforce needs. Filled with figures and analysis related to high demand occupations, this report also includes analysis of potential gaps in completions by occupation groups and projected demand through 2020.

2015 Job Skills Report press release

2015 Job Skills Report summary

2015 Job Skills Report

The 2015 report’s major findings are:

    • Colorado has a highly educated workforce and experts project that more jobs will continue to demand some level of postsecondary education (Carnevale, Smith & Strohl, 2013). The state unemployment rate is also lower for people who have a postsecondary credential than for those who have a high school degree or less.
    • In 2013, public institutions in Colorado awarded 52,715 certificates and degrees, a 6 percent increase from the year prior. Over five years, postsecondary completions have seen an average annual growth rate of 5.8 percent. Looking at completion figures from both public and private postsecondary institutions, if the number of credentials awarded continues to increase, we are on a trajectory to meet the Colorado Commission on Higher Education master plan targets for awards granted in Colorado.
    • A sample of fields that data depict a potential undersupply of completions includes various mid-level skilled trades credentials, mid-level and bachelor’s level computer science credentials, bachelor’s level finance degrees, and graduate/professional level healthcare practitioners.

    Colorado's Top Jobs

    • a Designates completions at community or technical colleges and is not necessarily comprehensive of all related training (i.e., other apprenticeship completions).
    • * Indicates an inadequate number of shared completions across multiple occupations
    • (N/A) Indicates specific programs do not crosswalk to this SOC, it is difficult to ascertain which completers would enter this occupation, or there are no related programs at an institution.