January 17, 2020

Funding Formula Update --- Mr. Jason Schrock, Chief Financial Officer, CDHE provided an update on the revisions to the funding formula. He indicated that the Department’s goal is to have a new formula finalized by March 1. The new formula must allocate all state funding to public higher education institutions, have a larger proportion tied to performance than the current law formula, include graduation rate metrics, tie funding to enrolling and/or completing Pell, underrepresented minority students, and first generation students (when data is available), and aligned with the higher education Master Plan. The new formula must also be accepted by the commission and the state’s public higher education institutions.


Discussion of Changes to Capital Scoring Criteria --- Ms. Lauren Gilliland, Lead Finance Analyst, CDHE presented institution feedback on two proposed clarifications to the capital budget request scoring criteria. Commissioners discussed these issues and came to a consensus. The first issue was whether institutions may change their proposed cash contributions in their capital project submissions during the scoring appeals period. Commissioners decided that while cash contributions may be increased for the purposes of gaining additional cash spending authority, changes made after initial submission will not be considered for scoring purposes. The second issue was which, if any, previous cash contributions to a capital project will be credited in the scoring process. Commissioners decided that no previous cash contributions of any kind will be credited in the upcoming budget cycle. Both decisions are in effect for the Fiscal Year 2021-22 capital budgeting process, but may be revisited as part of the comprehensive scoring criteria review to be conducted over the next year. Ms. Gilliland then briefly reviewed the upcoming comprehensive criteria review and agreed to send a follow-up to commissioners outlining the process.