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The Higher Education database contains historical, institutional, demographic, student enrollment and degree data that has been collected by the Department. This web site provides access to several years of data that can be summarized by demographic fields such as ethnicity, gender and age as well as registration fields such as student level & residency.

Please note that data is only available regarding Colorado public institutions. The data has been aggregated to protect individual identities.

Enrollment DataSearch Enrollment

  • 2000 to present
  • Only fall term is presented

Degrees AwardedSearch Enrollment

  • 2001 to present
  • Full year data is presented

Degrees Offered By InstitutionsSearch Enrollment

  • Data is updated annually
  • Institutions will have more updated records


Data is collected from the institutions through the Student Unit Record Data System (SURDS) by the Department of Higher Education. For more information on SURDS and the data collection process, see Data Collection.