What We Do

Colorado Challenge College Counselors work with students throughout their college career, focusing on assisting students in discerning pathways to graduation, navigating the academic world, developing soft skills (e.g. time management and finances), adjusting to the emotional and social challenges of postsecondary education, and the many additional logistical and quotidian concerns students encounter. Collaborating closely with on campus supports and professional staff, as well as our agency partners, college counselors guide students toward postsecondary success, all while teaching students the skills for greater independence and self-advocacy.

Our goal is to get to the center of the issues that may keep the student from being successful and persisting to graduation. May times scholarship and financial aid is not enough, and students need extra support through the college process. The College Counselor are working on this “why” and "how" to help students succeed.

Colorado Challenge Program Model

The Colorado Challenge program is grounded in Swail’s Geometric Model of Student Persistence and Achievement. This model emphasizes the cognitive, social, and institutional factors that can lead to barriers and challenges for students in successfully completing college.

Colorado Challenge Program Framework

The Framework for Student Success builds off of the COCH Program Model and focuses on six areas critical to a student’s successful college career. The everyday work of the programs College Counselors is built around these pathways. We have found that supporting students in each of these pathways creates a holistic approach and enhances student success and timely degree completion.

Colorado Challenge Program Layout-To and Through College

The Colorado Challenge Program begins supporting students in their senior year of high school and continues through college graduation. The goal is to build connections with students early, provide students individual support in completing the college going process, and help them navigate the institutional policies and procedures.

More information

Contact Cynthia N. Armendariz, Director of Colorado Challenge, at cynthia.armendariz@dhe.state.co.us or call 303-862-3001 for more information.