Students & Parents

Pursuant to the mission of the Department of Higher Education, promoting access to higher education includes providing the information necessary to make sound judgments and informed decisions regarding your future education. This website is designed to provide quick access to resources regarding preparing for college, attending college, and addressing issues and concerns while enrolled or graduated from a Colorado institution.

In preparing for college, a student must consider issues such as admission requirements, ncluding course work and pre-collegiate tests, residency requirements and financing the experience, including tuition and fees. Also, being aware of non-traditional options and exchange programs can offer solutions to your unique situations.

While attending college, a student may need to consider transferring credits to another institution, appealing a CCHE policy, issuing a complaint about an institution, military deployment while enrolled, graduate programs, and degree completion.

Having trouble with terminology? Find a mysterious abbreviation or acronym?
Visit the Higher Education Glossary. We have posted definitions for many of the terms and abbreviations that are commonly used in higher education.