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Reports & Publications


The reports located in this section are reports created, published or maintained by the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Many are required by the legislature or the Commission on Higher Education and some are published as part of accountability measures or tracking purposes.

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8 reports/publications listed
 Report YearCategoryReport TitleSub TextYear DetailRelease DateRevision Date
View 2011ApplicantFreshman Admission Standard SummaryFull Year 2010-2011 Freshman Admission Standard Summary2010-201106/21/2012 
View 2010ApplicantApplication Summary, Cross-ApplicationsAll Incoming Recent HS Graduates; Freshman Admission Standard; Cross Application Summary; ACT, Index Score of Applicants2006-201011/18/2011 
View 2010ApplicantFreshman Admission Standard SummaryFull Year 2009-2010 Freshman Admission Standard Summary2009-201011/18/2011 
View 2009ApplicantFreshman Admission Standard SummaryFull Year 2008-2009 Freshman Admission Standard Summary2008-200901/25/2010 
View 2008ApplicantFreshman Admission Standard SummaryFull Year 2007-2008 Freshman Admission Standard Summary2007-200807/07/2009 
View 2007ApplicantFreshman Admission Standard SummaryFull Year 2006-2007 Freshman Admission Standard Summary2006-200710/23/2008 
View 2006ApplicantFreshman Admission Standard SummaryFull Year 2005-2006 Freshman Admission Standard Summary2005-200606/01/2006 
View 2005ApplicantFreshman Admission Standard SummaryFull Year 2004-2005 Freshman Admission Standard Summary2004-2005 06/01/2005