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The following are the divisions managing institutions of higher education in Colorado. Managed by DHE Division: DHE - Academic Affairs (more)   DAA - Degree Authorization Act Officer (more)   DPOS - Division of Private Occupational Schools (more)  

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Institution NameInst TypeTaxTypeCO BasedDivision
160 Driving AcademyPrivate YesDPOS, Inc. dba Van Education CenterPrivate NoDPOS
A Plus Real Estate School - WestminsterPrivate YesDPOS
Academy for Dental Assisting Careers - BrightonPrivate YesDPOS
Academy for Dental Assisting Careers - GreeleyPrivate YesDPOS
Academy for Dental Assisting Careers - LittletonPrivate YesDPOS
Academy for Dental Assisting Careers - LongmontPrivate YesDPOS
Academy of Advanced BeautyPrivate YesDPOS
Academy of Cosmetology ArtsPrivate YesDPOS
Academy of Massage EssentialsPrivate YesDPOS
Academy of Natural TherapyPrivate YesDPOS
Accent Beauty Academy, LLCPrivate YesDPOS
ACE Surgical Assisting, Inc.Private YesDPOS
Aceable Real Estate SchoolPrivate NoDPOS
ACI Learning - CentennialPrivate YesDPOS
ACI Learning - Colorado SpringsPrivate YesDPOS
ACRE SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Acuity Institute LLCPrivate YesDPOS
Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch, LLCPrivate YesDPOS
Alandi Ayurveda GurukulaPrivate YesDPOS
Allure AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
American Dream Real Estate SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
American Dream Real Estate School - ArvadaPrivate YesDPOS
American Institute of Dental AssistingPrivate YesDPOS
American Real Estate CollegePrivate YesDPOS
American School of Dental Assisting - Ft. CollinsPrivate YesDPOS
American School of Real Estate ExpressPrivate NoDPOS
Apex College of Veterinary TechnologyPrivate YesDPOS
Aplmed Academy, Inc.Private YesDPOS
Appraisal InstitutePrivate NoDPOS
Arch Dental Assistant AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Armbrust Real Estate InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
Assist To Succeed - PuebloPrivate YesDPOS
Assist To Succeed Colorado SpringsPrivate YesDPOS
At-Home ProfessionsPrivate YesDPOS
Atma ButiPrivate YesDPOS
Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary ArtsPrivate YesDPOS
Aurora CollegePrivate YesDPOS
Avalon InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
Aveda Institute DenverPrivate YesDPOS
Avila's Barber SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Ayurved Sadhana VidyalayaPrivate YesDPOS
Barbizon School of Modeling & Personal Improvement DPrivate YesDPOS
Bartending School, Inc., ThePrivate YesDPOS
BASI PilatesPrivate YesDPOS
Bear Heart School of MassagePrivate YesDPOS
Beautiful You Skincare AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Beautiful You Skincare Academy - LittletonPrivate YesDPOS
Beauty MarkPrivate YesDPOS
Bel-Rea Institute of Animal TechnologyPrivate YesDPOS
Berkana Institute of Massage TherapyPrivate YesDPOS
Blackfox Training Institute, LLCPrivate YesDPOS
Blades & Fades Barber AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Blue Light LLCPrivate YesDPOS
Boulder Massage Therapy InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
Career Coders, LLCPrivate YesDPOS
Careers World WidePrivate YesDPOS
Carla's BarbershopPrivate YesDPOS
Carter Truck Driving AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
CDL Certifiers/CDL Trainers - Colorado SpringsPrivate YesDPOS
CDL Certifiers/CDL Trainers - Grand JunctionPrivate YesDPOS
CDL Safety SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Center Beauty CollegePrivate YesDPOS
Centriq TrainingPrivate NoDPOS
Cheeks Beauty Academy- LovelandPrivate YesDPOS
Cinco Brothers Barber SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Cloverleaf UniversityPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Academy of Veterinary TechnologyPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Advanced EstheticsPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Beauty CollegePrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Crane Operator SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Dental Assistant Academy - BoulderPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Dental Assistant Academy - GreeleyPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Dental Assistant Academy - Greenwood VillagePrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Dental Assisting School - AuroraPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Dental Assisting School - Colorado SpringsPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Dental Assisting School- ThorntonPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Institute of Massage TherapyPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Media SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Real Estate SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado School for Family TherapyPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado School of Animal MassagePrivate YesDPOS
Colorado School of Clinical HerbalismPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado School of Energy StudiesPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado School of Healing ArtsPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado School of TradesPrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Springs School of MassagePrivate YesDPOS
Colorado Trucking College, LLCPrivate YesDPOS
Commercial Vehicle Training CenterPrivate YesDPOS
CompTIA Tech Career AcademyPrivate NoDPOS
Concorde Career CollegePrivate YesDPOS
Cook Street School of Culinary ArtsPrivate YesDPOS
Cosmo Beauty AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Crestone Healing Arts CenterPrivate YesDPOS
Cuttin' Up Beauty AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Dental Careers of Colorado, LLC Private YesDPOS
Denver Ad SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Denver Dental Assistant SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Denver Integrative Massage School (aka The School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics)Private YesDPOS
Designing Beauty AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at UCHealth University of Colorado HospitalPrivate YesDPOS
Digital Workshop CenterPrivate YesDPOS
Dogs Own Grooming SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
DollFace Advanced EducationPrivate YesDPOS
Dr. Ida Rolf InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
Elevate Salon InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
Elysian Academy of CosmetologyPrivate YesDPOS
Empire Beauty School - AuroraPrivate YesDPOS
Empire Beauty School - LittletonPrivate YesDPOS
Empire Beauty School - ThorntonPrivate YesDPOS
Empire Real Estate SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Essentials Therapeutic Massage SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Excel Driver ServicesPrivate YesDPOS
Executive Security International, Ltd.Private YesDPOS
First Impressions Academy of Cosmetology ArtsPrivate YesDPOS
Flatiron SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Flatiron School-DenverPrivate YesDPOS
Fort Collins Academy of BartendingPrivate YesDPOS
Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc.Private YesDPOS
Frying Pan Anglers Guide SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Full Circle School, Inc.Private YesDPOS
Functional Strength PilatesPrivate YesDPOS
Galvanize, Inc. - Denver PlattePrivate YesDPOS
General AssemblyPrivate YesDPOS
Giving Touch, ThePrivate YesDPOS
Glo AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Gobbell Hays Partners, Inc.Private YesDPOS
Grey's AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Hair Fusion Training InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
Healing Spirits Massage Training ProgramPrivate YesDPOS
Helten Institute of Real Estate Development dba HIRED SchoolsPrivate YesDPOS
Heritage School of Interior DesignPrivate YesDPOS
Higher Elevation Healing Arts School, LLCPrivate YesDPOS
Homeopathy School InternationalPrivate YesDPOS
IBMC College - Fort CollinsPrivate YesDPOS
IBMC College - GreeleyPrivate YesDPOS
IBMC College - LongmontPrivate YesDPOS
Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain - Fort CollinsPrivate YesDPOS
Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain - NorthglennPrivate YesDPOS
InspectionGo AcademyPrivate NoDPOS
Institute for the Psychology of Eating Private YesDPOS
IntelliTec College- CSPrivate YesDPOS
IntelliTec College- GJPrivate YesDPOS
Intellitec College- PPrivate YesDPOS
International Academy of Elite Esthetics & MicropigmentationPrivate YesDPOS
International Guide AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
International Salon and Spa AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Internet Technology UniversityPrivate YesDPOS
Jack Zamora MD Aesthetic InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
JBe Beauty Training Studio, LLCPrivate YesDPOS
JC Styles Salon AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Josh Lyons, LLCPrivate YesDPOS
Kantor & Company AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Kaplan Financial InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
Kaplan Real Estate EducationPrivate YesDPOS
Kings and Queens Barber AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
KMG AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Lang Institute for Canine MassagePrivate YesDPOS
Lash & Company Education - Fort CollinsPrivate YesDPOS
Lash & Company Education - ThorntonPrivate YesDPOS
Lash BlvdPrivate YesDPOS
Lashed 5280Private YesDPOS
Life Time Academy - MinnesotaPrivate NoDPOS
Lincoln College of TechnologyPrivate YesDPOS
Lizzie's Beauty ShopPrivate YesDPOS
Lotus Education InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
LSO TrainingPrivate YesDPOS
MacIntosh Real Estate School, Inc.Private YesDPOS
MANA Collaborative Beauty Studio + Training CenterPrivate YesDPOS
Max International Beauty SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Mbition LLC dba American Home Inspectors TrainingPrivate YesDPOS
Mbition LLC dba Mbition Learn Real EstatePrivate NoDPOS
McIver Real Estate SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
McKissock, LLCPrivate NoDPOS
Medcerts, LLCPrivate NoDPOS
Medical Sales College Private YesDPOS
MedisensePrivate YesDPOS
Mile High Modern Beauty AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
MountainHeart School of Bodywork & TransformationPrivate YesDPOS
National Beauty CollegePrivate YesDPOS
National Institute for Medical Assistant AdvancementPrivate YesDPOS
National School of Dental Assisting - AuroraPrivate YesDPOS
National School of Dental Assisting - BroomfieldPrivate YesDPOS
National School of Dental Assisting - Grand JunctionPrivate YesDPOS
Northern Colorado Advanced Aesthetics AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Northern Colorado College of Real EstatePrivate YesDPOS
Northern Colorado Truck Driving AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
NuAge Para-Medical Esthetics & Laser CollegePrivate YesDPOS
Nutrition Therapy Institute Private YesDPOS
OCL Financial Services LLC dba OnCourse LearningPrivate NoDPOS
Palmer School of Floral DesignPrivate YesDPOS
Paragon Culinary SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Parelli Natural Horsemanship UniversityPrivate YesDPOS
Paul Mitchell The School Colorado SpringsPrivate YesDPOS
Paul Mitchell The School DenverPrivate YesDPOS
Permanent Makeup Aesthetics AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Pharmakeia Pre-Pharmaceutical School, LLCPrivate YesDPOS
Phlebotomy Training Specialists - Colorado SpringsPrivate YesDPOS
Phlebotomy Training Specialists - DenverPrivate YesDPOS
Phlebotomy Training Specialists - ThorntonPrivate YesDPOS
Phoenix Strategies, Inc.Private YesDPOS
Pikes Peak School of Real Estate Private YesDPOS
Pilates Career InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
Pima Medical Institute - AuroraPrivate YesDPOS
Pima Medical Institute- CSPrivate YesDPOS
Pima Medical Institute- DPrivate YesDPOS
Pueblo School of CosmetologyPrivate YesDPOS
Real Estate College of Colorado - Front RangePrivate YesDPOS
Real Estate Training CenterPrivate YesDPOS
Rocky Mountain Electrical Training InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
Rocky Mountain Laser CollegePrivate YesDPOS
Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy Center - Grand JunctionPrivate YesDPOS
Rocky Mountain Real Estate School, LLCPrivate YesDPOS
Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and MassagePrivate YesDPOS
Royal Academy of Surgical Assisting, Inc.Private YesDPOS
Ruseto CollegePrivate YesDPOS
SAGE Technical Services - Grand JunctionPrivate YesDPOS
SAGE Technical Services - HendersonPrivate YesDPOS
School of Inner HealthPrivate YesDPOS
School of Natural Cookery, ThePrivate YesDPOS
Semion AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
She She UniversityPrivate YesDPOS
Skill DistilleryPrivate YesDPOS
Solar Energy International Private YesDPOS
Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology - BroomfieldPrivate YesDPOS
Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology - InglewoodPrivate NoDPOS
Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology - RiversidePrivate NoDPOS
Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology - TulsaPrivate NoDPOS
Stacey James InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
Star V Corporate Training LLC dba New Horizons Computer Learning CentersPrivate NoDPOS
Starkey International Institute for Household ManagementPrivate YesDPOS
Summit Barber AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Swift Driving AcademyPrivate NoDPOS
Swift Driving Academy - West Valley CityPrivate NoDPOS
Tave's Nail AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
The CE Shop, LLCPrivate YesDPOS
The New Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
The Pilates CenterPrivate YesDPOS
The Rita B InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
The Rita B Institute - BasaltPrivate YesDPOS
The Salon Professional Academy - Colorado SpringsPrivate YesDPOS
The Salon Professional Academy - Grand JunctionPrivate YesDPOS
The School of Tennis ManagementPrivate YesDPOS
The White Magnolia Advanced Skin Care InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
TIGI Hairdressing Academy LegacyPrivate YesDPOS
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
Tresses StudioPrivate YesDPOS
Tuana European Beauty AcademyPrivate YesDPOS
Tulsa Welding School - JacksonvillePrivate NoDPOS
Tulsa Welding School - TulsaPrivate NoDPOS
Turing School of Software & DesignPrivate YesDPOS
U of Q InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
U.S. Career InstitutePrivate YesDPOS
UCHealth School of Radiologic Technology - Memorial HospitalPrivate YesDPOS
UCHealth School of Radiologic Technology – University of Colorado HospitalPrivate YesDPOS
United Beauty CollegePrivate YesDPOS
United College of Health and BeautyPrivate YesDPOS
United States Truck Driving School, Inc.- FountainPrivate YesDPOS
United States Truck Driving School, Inc.- Wheat RidgePrivate YesDPOS
United Training Academy - AuroraPrivate YesDPOS
Vail Institute of PilatesPrivate YesDPOS
Vail Valley Dental Assisting SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Victoria James Salon Spa SchoolPrivate YesDPOS
Well Animal Institute LLC dba K-9 SmilesPrivate YesDPOS
Westland Beauty Academy - LakewoodPrivate YesDPOS
WyoTech - LaramiePrivate NoDPOS