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SURDS Undergraduate Applicant File Description

CCHE collects undergraduate applicant file (UAF) data on all students who apply to Colorado public, postsecondary education institutions and participating private institutions.  Private institu­tions and area vocational schools that would like CCHE staff to generate their IPEDS enrollment reports also are eligible to participate.

Among the general uses of UAF data are:

  • providing information on the numbers of students applying to Colorado postsecondary education institutions
  • monitoring freshman and transfer standard admissions, including deriving geographic applicant data based on transfer institution codes and state/county of applications
  • calculating “window” percentages; For freshman standard, window baseline defined by index score for an institution
  • calculating “floor” percentage; For freshman standard, floor parameters defined as 10 points below an institution’s baseline index score
  • summarizing applicant remediation rates grouped by institution and/or originating high school

Selection Criteria: The Undergraduate Applicant File includes all applicants and those assessed by the institution.  The file is collected every semester from each public post­secondary education institution participating in SURDS.

Special Instructions: Freshman standard and transfer standard documented in CCHE policy 1.F. Section 5.0.