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SURDS 'Student Course Enrollment File' Description

DHE collects end-of-term enrollment data on all students who enroll in credit-bearing Colorado public, postsecondary education institutions and participating private institutions. The Student Course Enrollment File describes the courses taken by all enrolled students that attempted credit-bearing courses.

The file is the official source of course data for postsecondary education in Colorado. Among the general uses of student course enrollment file data are:

  • providing information on the numbers of credit hours attempted and completed in Colorado postsecondary education institutions
  • reporting number of hours/headcount in courses eligible for state funding, cash-funded courses, courses funded other than cash or state funding
  • reporting number of hours/headcount in categories such as high school concurrent enrollment, remedial and vocational
  • provide data for secondary collections such as the National Governor’s Association and Complete College America
  • submitting distance education and other fall enrollment data to IPEDS
  • calculating FTE enrollment

Private institu­tions and area vocational schools that would like CCHE staff to generate their IPEDS enrollment reports also are eligible to participate.

Selection Criteria: The Student Course Enrollment File includes course enrollment detail for all students enrolled in courses awarding credit toward a degree or other formal award. File includes student course enrollments in courses that are part of a vocational or occupa­tional program, including those enrolled in off-campus centers, remedial credit hours, as well as high school students taking remediation or college-level courses for credit, zero-credit labs and courses taken on an audit basis. File does not include student credits earned by academic exemption (e.g. CLEP) or other transcripted academic credit (e.g. AP, IB).  The population reported is not limited to students whose credit hours are included in official FTE reports. The file is collected every semester from each public post­secondary education institution participating in SURDS and as applicable for private institutions. 

Special Instructions: The data reported on the student course enrollment file should represent end-of-term enrollment data. The sum of all hours submitted (RI, ESP, Other) for a student should match the summary of credit hours on the Enrollment file (RI, ESP, Other) as reported for the same student, same term and year.