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SURDS Educator Preparation Endorsement Codes Crosswalked with Title II Certification Codes

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Endorsement CodeEndorsement DescriptionTitle II Certification CodesActive
01Administrator (3.04) True
02Agriculture and Renewable Natural Resources (8.03)40True
03Art (K-12) (8.04)28True
04Audiologist (11.01) False
05Business and Marketing Education (8.05)35True
06Business Education (8.05)34True
07Counselor, School (11.09) False
19Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Bilingual Education Specialist (8.23)16True
21Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (8.22)17True
08Drama (8.07)30True
09Early Childhood Education (8.01)02True
47ECE Special Education (9.08)27True
46ECE Special Education: Specialist (9.04) True
10Elementary Education (8.02)01True
11English Language Arts (8.09)07True
12Family and Consumer Studies (8.12)36True
13Foreign Language (8.10)08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15True
48Gifted Education Specialist (9.05)50True
14Health (8.11)31True
15Instructional Technology Specialist (10.06) True
16Instructional Technology Teacher (8.08)51True
17Library Media, School False
18Linguistically Diverse False
20Linguistically Diverse: Bilingual False
22Marketing Education (8.05) True
23Mathematics (8.14)04True
24Music (K-12) (8.15)29True
50None False
25Nurse, School (11.05) False
26Occupational Therapist, School (11.02) False
27Orientation and Mobility Specialist, School (11.03) False
28Physical Education (8.16)32True
29Physical Therapist, School (11.04) False
30Principal (3.03) True
31Psychologist, School (11.06) False
32Reading Specialist (10.04)43True
33Reading Teacher (10.03)18True
51School Librarian (10.02)42True
34Science (8.17)05True
35Social Studies (8.18)06True
36Social Worker, School (11.07) False
41Special Education Director (10.05) True
42Special Education Generalist (9.06)20True
43Special Education Specialist (9.01) True
45Special Education Specialist: Deaf/Hard of Hearing (9.03)24True
44Special Education Specialist: Visually Impaired (9.02)23True
37Speech (8.19)19True
38Speech/Language Pathologist (11.08) False
52Teacher Librarian (requires 1 or more years of teaching experience) (10.02) True
39Technical Education False
53Technology Education (previously Industrial Arts) (8.13)37True
40Trade and Industry Education (8.21) True
49Undeclared or Unknown (no more than 5% of submission) True