SURDS Enrollment File Description

CCHE collects end-of-term enrollment data elements. This file collects attempted credit hours as of the course census date, including withdrawals that occur post course census, data on for all students who enroll in Colorado public, postsecondary education institutions and participating private institutions. The Enrollment File is the information reporting system that describes the demographic, enrollment status, and origin data of all students.

The file is the official source of enrollment data for public postsecondary education in Colorado. Among the general uses of enrollment file data are:
  • providing information on the numbers of students enrolled in Colorado postsecondary education institutions and the characteristics of students who receive these degrees.
  • reporting IPEDS enrollment data to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) by student gender, race/ethnicity, and specified program codes.
  • calculating graduation rates for the Quality Indicator System
  • generating a yearly profiles for the consumer guide.
  • reporting for the annual diversity report.
  • completing projections for the program approval process and productivity statistics for program discontinuation.
Private institutions and area vocational schools that would like CCHE staff to generate their IPEDS enrollment reports also are eligible to participate.

Selection Criteria: : The Enrollment File includes all students enrolled in courses awarding credit toward a degree or other formal award. Include students enrolled and credit hours attempted as of the course census date, including withdrawals that occur post course census. Also report students enrolled in courses that are part of a vocational or occupational program, including those enrolled in off-campus centers, as well as high school students taking college-level courses for credit. The population reported is not limited to students whose credit hours are included in official FTE reports. The file is collected every semester from each public post¬secondary education institution participating in SURDS. For private institutions based in Colorado, the population collected includes all students enrolled. For private institutions based outside of Colorado, the population collected includes only those students enrolled that reside in Colorado.

Special Instructions: The data reported on the student enrollment file should represent final term enrollment data elements. as of the course census date, plus withdrawals post course census. The final term headcount should be consistent with the number of records reported on this file.

Report students in the student level classifi¬cation in which they are recorded by the institution. Figures I and II display valid combinations of Registration Status and Student Level for students reported on this file.

The only circumstance when the enrollment in the Program Code-Second Program/Program Sequence Number-Second Program will be included in enrollment statistics is for analyses that address a specific program. These are limited to new program proposal analysis, program discontinuance studies.

The grade point average (GPA) reported should be the GPA achieved at the end of the term. The student level reported should be the level of the student at the start of the term.