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Data & Reports

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This section provides information on student enrollment, degrees awarded, ethnicity, gender and other statistics often requested for the public institutions in the state.

In the searchable database section, you may build queries summarizing various demographic categories. Data is available on enrollment, degrees awarded, and degrees offered.

If you are seeking detailed information regarding historical enrollment and degrees awarded, you may view static reports of this data. We have static reports in the following categories:

  • Enrollment - provides enrollment data received from public two and four year institutions post-secondary institutions in the state.
  • Degrees – includes a listing of all degree programs, and completions at each institution.
  • Financial Aid – includes previous year’s appropriations, total operating budget, following year’s budget request, tuition and fee data, and financial aid awards.
  • Remedial - includes students enrolled in post-secondary that require remedial course work.
  • Legislative - any report that is provided to the Colorado legislature is availabe for public viewing. These reports include retention and graduation rates for all the public two and four year institutions in the state.
  • Budget & Finance - provides information on funding apects of higher education such as tuition rates, COF and FTE enrollment.
  • Capital Assets - includes annual reports summarizing construction and assets.