Division of Private Occupational Schools

Request an Exemption

To request an exemption for an existing school or a potential school, complete and submit the form below:

Step One:
School Information
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Step Two:
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Once received, division personnel will review the information provided in order to determine whether the school
or education provider falls under the jurisdiction of DPOS, or if further investigation and follow-up are necessary to make a determination.
The school or education provider will be notified of the Division Determination or request for further information.

Authorization and Waiver

Requesting an exemption:

I understand that I may be contacted and asked to provide further information throughout the process. I further understand that pursuant to §23-64-113, C.R.S,:
(1) No entity of whatever kind, alone or in concert with others, shall:
(a) Operate in this state a school not exempt from the provisions of this article 64 unless the school holds a valid certificate of approval issued pursuant to the provisions of this article 64;
(b) Offer educational services in or grant educational credentials from a school located within or without this state unless the agent holds a valid agent's permit issued pursuant to the provisions of this article 64; except that the board may promulgate rules to permit the rendering of legitimate public information services without such permit;
(c) Accept contracts or enrollment agreements from an agent who does not hold a valid agent's permit issued pursuant to the provisions of this article 64;
(d) Award educational credentials without requiring the completion of any education.