Complaint Procedures

If you would like to file a complaint against a Colorado institution (public or private) or report a possible diploma mill or illegal school, follow the steps below to determine your next step in reporting a complaint/grievance to the Colorado Department of Higher Education and Division of Private Occupational Schools.

IMPORTANT!! PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU FILE:  If you have a complaint (that is not about a diploma mill), please be advised that according to statute, the Division of Private Occupational Schools (Division or DPOS) may only accept a written (or electronically filed) complaint from an individual who was denied enrollment; is a current student; or is a former student of a private occupational school that is approved to operate in Colorado. 

If you are a former student, the Division may only process a complaint provided not more than two (2) calendar years have passed since you  last attended the school that is the subject of the complaint.  Under very limited circumstances, a third-party, who can show a monetary interest, in a matter involving a current or former student of a private occupational school (i.e. parent or legal guardian) may also be able to file a complaint.  If you have a question about this filing process or the Division’s complaint procedures please contact DPOS at:  303-862-3001.

To File a Complaint, click here.

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