Agenda September 4, 2014

Colorado Commission on Higher Education Agenda
September 4, 2014 - 1:00 PM

Colorado Community College System

9101 East Lowry Blvd.

2nd Floor Board Room

Denver, CO 80230

Meeting Announcement

I. Opening Business

  1. Attendance
  2. Welcome by Dr. Nancy McCallin, President of the Colorado Community College System
  3. Approval of the Amended Minutes for the July 25, 2014 Commission Meeting
  4. Reports by the Chair, Vice Chair, Commissioners, Commission Subcommittee and Advisory Committee
  5. Executive Director Report
  6. Public Comment

II. Consent Items

  1. Recommendation to Approve Geography and Philosophy Statewide Transfer Articulation Agreements
  2. COF Eligibility for Extended Studies Programs for FY2015
  3. Recommend Approval of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Colorado State University - Global Campus
  4. Degree Authorization Act: Fort Hays State University - Request for Authorization as a Place of Business

III. Discussion Items

  1. Revisions to Admissions Policy - Dr. Rhonda Epper, Dr. Ian Macgillivray, Jill Hawley, Associate Commissioner, Colorado Department of Education
  2. Public Comment on the Revisions to Admissions Policy

IV. Action Items

  1. Approval of Project Principles & HB 14-1319 Update - Kachina Weaver
  2. Public Comment on Approval of Project Principles and HB 14-1319 Update