Agenda Dec. 5, 2013

Colorado Commission on Higher Education Agenda
Dec. 5, 2013 - 1:00 PM

Colorado College

Slocum Commons - 130 E. Cache La Poudre,

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Meeting Announcement

I. Opening Business

  1. Attendance
  2. Approval of Minutes for the November 1, 2013 Commission Meeting
  3. Approval of Minutes for the November 7, 2013 Commission Meeting
  4. Welcome from Dr. Jill Tiefenthaler, President of Colorado College
  5. Reports by the Chair, Vice Chair, Commissioners, Commission Subcommittee
    and Advisory Committee
  6. Executive Director Report
  7. Public Comment

II. Consent Items

  1. Clarification: Bachelor of Applied Science in Management and Leadership at
    Colorado Mountain College

  2. Two-Year Cash Funded Capital Program Lists
  3. Five-Year State Funded Capital Program Lists
  4. Approval of gtPathways Courses

III. Information Items

  1. FY 2012-2013 Financial Aid Report – Celina Duran
  2. Degree Authorization Act – Monthly Update – Heather DeLange
  3. University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus Master Plan – Tonya

IV. Action Items

  1. Review and Approval of a Performance-Based Funding Plan Pursuant To 23-1-
    108 (1.9) C.R.S. – Beth Bean and Mark Cavanaugh
  2. Degree Authorization Act: CollegeAmerica – Request for the Renewal of
    Provisional Authorization – Heather DeLange

V. Discussion Items

  1. FY 2014-2015 Financial Aid Discussion – Celina Duran
  2. Graduation Guidelines Discussion – Rebecca Holmes, Colorado Department of

VI. Action Items

  1. Recommend Approval of Proposed Changes to the CCHE Admissions Standards
    Policy – Tamara White
  2. Recommend Approval of Proposed Changes to the CCHE Remedial Education Policy – Tamara White

VII. Discussion Items

  1. Analysis and Background on Community College Bachelor of Applied Science
    Bill Draft – Chad Marturano