Agenda April 2010

Colorado Commission on Higher Education Agenda
April 9, 2010 ā€“ 1:00 pm
Pickens Technical Institute,
Building A 500 Airport Blvd., Aurora, CO

Meeting Announcement

I. Opening Business

  1. Attendance
  2. Approval of Minutes for the March 5 , 2010 Commission Meeting
  3. Welcome by Dean Stecklein, Executive Director of Pickens Technical Institute
  4. Reports by the Chair, Commissioners, Commission Subcommittees, Advisory Committee
  5. Higher Education Strategic Plan Report
  6. Executive Director Report
  7. Public Comments

II. Commission Workplan Items

  1. Workplan for Performance Contract Review for Adams State College & Ft. Lewis College ā€“ Dr. Cheryl Lovell

III. Consent Items

  1. Reauthorization of Teacher Preparation Program at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design
  2. Approval of Elementary Teacher Preparation with M.A.T. Degree at Metropolitan State College of Denver
  3. Approval of Master Of Arts in Teaching American Sign Language at University of Northern Colorado
  4. Proposal to Offer a Doctor of Asian Languages and Civilizations Degree at University of Colorado-Boulder
  5. Proposal to Offer a Master of Laws Degree at University of Colorado Law School
  6. Proposal to Offer a Baccalaureate Degree in Public Health at Fort Lewis College
  7. Proposal to Offer a Baccalaureate Degree In Engineering At Fort Lewis College
  8. Proposal to Offer a Master of Science in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry at Colorado State University-Pueblo
  9. Proposal to Offer a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management at Colorado State University -Pueblo

IV. Action Items

  1. 2010 Legislation Impacting Higher Educationā€“ John Karakoulakis
    • HRC10 - 1002