Agenda July 2009

Colorado Commission on Higher Education Agenda 
July 9, 2009 – 10:00 am
Colorado Community College System
9101 East Lowry Blvd., Presidents Room,
Denver, Colorado 80230

Meeting Announcement

I. Opening Business

  1. Attendance
  2. Approval of Minutes for the June 4th, 2009 Commission Meeting
  3. Welcome by Nancy McCallin, President of the Colorado Community College System
  4. Reports by the Chair, Commissioners, Commission Subcommittees, Advisory   Committee and Executive Director
  5. Public Comments

II. Action Consent Items

  1. Approval Of Master Of Arts In Education Program At Western State College – Dr. Ian Macgillivray
  2. Proposal To Offer A Baccalaureate Degree In Ethnic Studies By Colorado State University – Dr. Julie Carnahan, Margot Plotz, Vicki Leal 
  3. Proposal To Offer A Master Of Landscape Architecture Degree By Colorado State University –Dr. Julie Carnahan, Margot Plotz, Vicki Leal

III. Study/Discussion Item

  1. Framework for Strategic Planning – David Skaggs

IV. Action Item

  1. Resolution Regarding a Special Commission Meeting for Higher Education Strategic Planning Initiative – David Skaggs

V. Information Items  

  1. Higher Education Capital Financing Instruments In The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act And HB09-1346 – Diane Lindner, Andy Carlson
  2. June 2009 Revenue Forecast Update – Diane Lindner, Andy Carlson