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While you’ve started off at one of Colorado’s public colleges or universities, there is a strong possibility you may end up transferring to another institution along the way. To help eliminate the guesswork of transferring general education course credits, Colorado has developed a statewide guaranteed transfer (gt) program (gtPATHWAYS Planning Guide)* and a statewide transfer policyPDF.

gtPATHWAYS applies to all Colorado public institutions of higher education, and there are more than 500 lower-division general education courses in 20 subject areas approved for guaranteed transfer. Courses are approved at least twice per academic and calendar year and apply the next semester immediately following their approval. For example, courses approved during fall semester 2005 will apply during spring semester 2006.

After starting on your higher education pathway at any public college or university in Colorado, and, upon acceptance to another, you can transfer up to 31 credits of previously and successfully (C- or better) completed gtPATHWAYS (general education) coursework. These courses will automatically transfer with you and continue to count toward your general education core or graduation requirements for any liberal arts or science associate or bachelor’s degree program.

Please note that statewide articulation agreements for the following professional degree programs prescribe specific general education courses and degree requirements: business; early childhood; elementary education; engineering; and nursing. Also keep in mind that it is always a good idea to check with the school you wish to attend, so you are clear about which credits will transfer beyond any that are guaranteed by the gtPATHWAYS transfer program or a statewide articulation agreement.

If you are transferring from a two-year school to a four-year school, you may be entitled to additional guarantees. If you complete an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree, 60 credit hours of your A.A. or A.S. degree are guaranteed to transfer to a four-year school, once you are accepted for admission. And, you should be able to finish a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree within another *60 credit hours. This is called a 60 + 60 transfer plan (see transfer guides). For a list of applicable degrees, click herePDF. Also, check out our FAQ for community college students.

If you are accepted at a public higher education institution and gtPATHWAYS credits do not transfer as meeting graduation requirements, you may file a student appealPDF to resolve the problem.


*Please note that some degrees may exceed the typical 120 credit hours required to successfully graduate. Such degree programs will be listed in your selected institution’s catalog and advising personnel should be able to assist you with locating the specific degree requirements of your particular institution and within your major.