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Intermediate Composition (GT-CO2)

Last Updated 12/20/10

Institution Course # Course Title Approved Effective
ASC Eng 102 Communication Arts II 10-Jan-03 10-Jan-03
CCCS ENG 122 English Composition II 10-Jan-03 10-Jan-03
CSU CO 150 College Composition 10-Jan-03 10-Jan-03
CSU-P ENG 102 Composition II 9-Jan-04 9-Jan-04
FLC COMP 250 Academic Inquiry and Writing 10-Jan-03 10-Jan-03
FLC COMP 252 Professional and Tech. Writing 2-Feb-07 Aug. 2007
FLC COMP 253 Action Research 2-Feb-07 Aug. 2007
FLC ENGL 268 Reading Texts/Writing Texts 1-Jun-06 Aug. 2006
FLC HIST 250 Composition in History 2-Feb-07 Aug. 2007
FLC SOC 210 Ethnography and Writing 6-Dec-07 Jan. 2008
Mesa Engl 112 English Composition II 9-Jan-04 9-Jan-04
Mesa Eng 129 Honors English 2-Jun-05 Aug. 2005
MSCD ENG 1020 Freshman Composition: Analysis, Research 10-Jan-03 10-Jan-03
UCB ARSC 1150 Writing in Arts and Sciences 6-Nov-09 Jan. 2010
UCB WRTG 1100 Extended First-Year Writing and Rhetoric 11-Dec-08 Aug. 2009
UCB WRTG 1150 First-Year Writing and Rhetoric 11-Dec-08 Aug. 2009
UCB WRTG 1250 Advanced First-Year Writing and Rhetoric 3-Apr-09 1-Aug-09
UCCS ENGL 1410 Rhetoric and Writing II: Argument and Research 10-Jan-03 20-Aug-10
UCD ENGL 2030 Core Composition II 10-Jan-03 10-Jan-03
UNC ENG 123 College Research Paper 10-Jan-03 10-Jan-03
UNC ENG 225 Communications on a Theme 6-Dec-07 Jan. 2008
UNC MUS 152 Writing and Scholarship in the Performing and Visual Arts 1-Mar-07 Aug. 2007
UNC SCI 291 Scientific Writing 2-Jun-05 Aug. 2005

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