Colorado Educator Loan Forgiveness

In 2019, Colorado legislators passed Senate Bill 19-003 to address Colorado’s educator shortages through educator loan forgiveness. The law authorizes the Colorado Department of Higher Education to offer loan repayment on qualified loans for educators who serve in hard-to-fill positions in Colorado. The application will be open in fall 2019.

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Will I qualify?

To qualify as an "educator," you must be a teacher, principal or special service provider. You must have incurred your loan while attending and completing an approved educator preparation program or a bachelor’s or a master’s degree program in the content area in which you are employed. Those teaching in a qualified position in a hard-to-staff rural public school, rural school district or in facility schools in rural school districts will receive preference.

How does the program work?

If you qualify, you may be eligible for up to $5000 in loan forgiveness for each year of employment in a qualified position for up to a total of five years. CDHE can approve up to 100 new program participants each year.

By law, CDHE will approve applications along the following priorities:

      1) Applicants serving in a rural school/district who are also serving in a content shortage area;
      2) Applicants who are serving in a rural school/district;
      3) Applicants who are serving in a content shortage area

CDHE is working in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to identify and define content shortage areas and rural schools/districts. CDHE and the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) are creating and adopting a comprehensive set of program policies and guidelines, and CDHE is developing a program application slated to launch in fall 2019.