Colorado's Core-to-College P20 Partnerships

A Call to Action:  P20 Collaboration

The Colorado Department of Higher Education has launched the Core-to-College Initiative to promote collaboration between K-12 and higher education in the implementation and alignment of state standards and assessments.

We believe education reform isn’t possible without K-12 and higher education working together to develop innovative solutions to difficult problems. In 2012, the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors awarded the DHE a three-year grant to fund this effort.

Mission: The initiative will create four regional P20 Partnerships of high school teachers and higher education faculty focused on improving transitions from K-12 to higher education. These partnerships will work on ensuring policies, practices and expectations between high school and higher education courses in math and English are consistent and aligned.

Vision: The goal is to ensure more students exit high school ready for college or career without the need for remediation. The partnerships will review Colorado’s shifting education landscape – new academic standards, reform of remedial education delivery, guaranteed-transfer courses and more – to determine how we can improve the understanding of expectations for entry and exit from the most common college courses.

Getting Started: June 10 State Summit

Summit Agenda & Press Release

All P20 Partnership participants were invited to attend a June 10 state summit, which served as the kick-off event for the P20 Partnership Initiative. The summit featured a panel discussion of state K-12 and higher education leaders; an in-depth look at project goals and timelines; and breakout sessions for participants to work in their regional teams and content areas.

P20 Partnership Team Meetings: July – December

Each P20 Partnership will meet four times between June and December. Within each region, members will split up into groups to focus on English language arts and mathematics coursework. The teachers and faculty members together will examine entrance competencies in math and English courses for entry-level postsecondary education.

Partnerships in each region will follow these steps:

  • Review and discuss the new academic standards for high school students and for first-year college math and English language arts general education course content and competencies;
  • Identify the specific expectations that do not align between the high school standards and the expectations for first-year postsecondary coursework;
  • Address the identified discrepancies in order to reach agreement on exit and entrance expectations for students from high school into higher education math and English language arts courses;
  • Identify implications for high schools and higher education practices and policies, and work with staff and other regions to prioritize or address these needs.

Collaborative Network: Sharing and Deliberating

Each of the four P20 Partnerships will benefit from opportunities to network with one another. A formal and consistent structure will allow the leaders and members from each region to share progress with one another. The intent is to build capacity and consensus among the participants in order to learn about emerging best practices, discuss areas of consensus and variances, and address any stumbling blocks that arise.

Progress and Next Steps: State Summit - October 18

Summit Agenda

A second state summit will bring all participants together again after their series of meetings. The summit will feature updates from each region, an evaluation of the process and progress, and a discussion about what’s next for the P20 Partnerships.

In addition to participants and leaders, invited guests will include a number of state and national education leaders, policy makers, sponsoring foundations and the public.

More information on the Core-to-College grant in Colorado and other states can be found on the website of the funder, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, at this address: