Concurrent Enrollment

High school students in Colorado can enroll in post-secondary institutions and earn credit towards graduation. There are several programs available, some of which offer tuition reimbursement by the school district. For more information on the programs available in your school contact the guidance counselor at your high school.

Program Type Student Count
Academic Year 2013-14
Student Count
Academic Year 2014-15
Student Count
Academic Year 2015-16
Total 31,092 35,713 38,519
Concurrent Enrollment 20,488 24,010 25,534
ASCENT 415 462 485
Other Programs 10,189 11,241 11,554


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Concurrent Enrollment Program

Open to 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders who receive academic plan approval, meet application deadlines, and meet college course requirements. 12th graders not meeting graduation requirements and who are held back for instructional purposes may not enroll into more than 9 credit hours for the academic year; House Bill 09-1319, Senate Bill 09-285, Colorado Revised Statutes 22-35-101, State Board Rules 1 CCR 301-86;


The Accelerating Students through Concurrent EnrollmeNT program is a 5th year program for students prior to high school graduation and who are on schedule to complete 12 credit hours of postsecondary work prior to completion of 12th year. Participants are selected by high school admin and must meet class requirements and prerequisities; House Bill 09-1319, Senate Bill 09-285, Colorado Revised Statutes 22-35-101, State Board Rules 1 CCR 301-86;

Previous Programs



The phasing out of Fasttrack and PSEO in 2012 is reflected in the decreased numbers in 2011-12. There were no students participating in those programs in the 2012-13 school year due to the fact that these programs were discontinued as of July 2012.