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Higher Education Directory

Department of Higher Education

Administration and Staff

Dr. Angie Paccione , Executive Director   
Dr. Ben Boggs , Chief of Staff / Deputy Executive Director   
Renee Patilla , Executive Assistant to the Executive Director   
Jimmy Rogers , Director of Information Technology   
Michael Konken , IT Systems Administrator   
Dr. Roberto Montoya , Chief Educational Equity Officer   
Amina Bouayad , Equity Coordinator   
Beverly Jones , Director of Industry Partnerships   
Megan McDermott , Senior Director of Communications and Community Engagement & Public Information Officer   
Edward Quinones , Communications Specialist   
Aayjah Royston , Digital Communications Coordinator   
Nicole Simmons-Rochon , Strategic Coordinator   
Chloe Figg , Legislative Liaison   
Beth Hunter , Graphic Designer   
Erin McDonnell , Special Projects/Study Colorado Director   
Bernadette Esquibel , Front Desk Receptionist   

Budget and Finance
Vacant Vacant , Chief Financial Officer   
Trisha Esquibel , Controller   
Kennedy Evans , Lead Finance Analyst   
Corey Evans , Lead Finance Analyst   
Gayle Godfrey , Lead Finance Analyst   
Theresa Tran , Grant Accountant   
Bharathy Wimalanathan , Accountant   
Janisse Kadima , Accountant   
William "Zach" Benson , Accountant   
Roxanne Lang , Budget Accountant   
Kimberly Fisher , Fiscal and Reporting Monitor   
DeAnna Castaneda , CASFA Program Manager   
Taryn Omran , Director of Operations and Project Management   
Nanci Goldberg , Educator Program Coordinator   
April Gonzales , Educator Program Coordinator   
Peggy Hill , COF Administrator   
Cholok (Coco) Marial , COF Analyst   

Data Analysis, Research and Policy
Michael Vente , Chief Performance Officer and Senior Director of Research and Data Governance   
Maggie Yang , Senior Director of Data Systems and Applications   
Jay Shah , Database Systems & Web Developer Manager   
Adam Kanter , Data Integration Manager   
Earl Green , Applications and Database Developer   
Eddie Zarate , Applications & Database Developer   
Chris Ammons , Research & Policy Analyst   
Stan Gladych , Data and Research Analyst   
Caitlin McKennie , Talent Pipeline Economist   

Division of Private Occupational Schools
Lorna Candler , Chief Occupational Education Officer/Director   
Mary Kanaly , Deputy Director & Compliance Officer   
Bradlee Uyemura , Compliance Investigator   
Rachel Acosta , Program Specialist   
Austin Bentz , Program Specialist   
Kerrie Solis , Program Specialist   
Martha Torres-Recinos , Program Specialist   
Kristi Connors , Division Specialist   
Bernadette Esquibel , Program Specialist Assistant   

Student and Academic Affairs
Dr. Kim Poast , Chief Student Success & Academic Affairs Officer   
Carl Einhaus , Senior Director of Student Success & P20 Alignment   
Dr. Chris Rasmussen , Senior Director of Academic Pathways & Innovation   
Christina Carrillo , Academic Policy Officer and Advocate   
Ruthanne Orihuela , Director of Credential Pathways and Prior Learning Initiatives   
Allana Farley , Credential Pathways Coordinator   
Chealsye Bowley , Director of Open Education and Learning Innovation   
Heather DeLange , Director, Office of Private Postsecondary Education   
Sam Fogleman , Educator Preparation Pathway Specialist   
Renee Welch , Director of Collegiate Apprenticeships   
Sondra Ranum , Director of Early Care and Education Workforce Policy   
Peter Fritz , Director of Student Transitions and Degree Completion Initiatives   
Jack Wolflink , Coordinator of Innovation Programs   

Christina Ingrum , Program Director   
Meghan Cave , Director of College Pathways and Communications   
Kelly Zhang , Director of Budget and Grant Compliance   
James Anderegg , Application Developer   

Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative
Dr. Cynthia Armendariz , Managing Director of COSI   
Crystal Annan , COSI Program Director   
Carla Castillo , Senior Program Manager   
Jacquie Granados , Program Manager   
Alison Grendahl , Program Manager   
Kolby Knupp , Program Manager   
Mariana DelMonte-Gladstone , COSI & Second Chance Program Coordinator   
Marie Snow , Program Coordinator   
Kelly Perry-Cochrant , Grant Accountant   
Melissa Olvera , MSW Intern   

My Colorado Journey (Outreach & Community Engagement)
Outreach and Community Engagement
Twyla Esquibel , Director of Outreach   
Annie Ngo , Outreach Navigator   
Sarah Collette , FAFSA Coordinator   
Violeta Apodaca , Foster Care Student Navigator   
Teresa Fowler , Foster Care Student Navigator   
Phyllis Gebre-Michael , Foster Care Student Navigator   
Shannon Walsh , Foster Care Student Navigator   

CO HELPS (Colorado Healthcare Experiential Pathways to Success)
Renee Welch , Director of Collegiate Apprenticeships   
Sarah Pak , Collegiate Apprenticeship Employer Relations Manager   
Katy Zeigler , Collegiate Apprenticeship Communications Coordinator   
Richard Mizerak , Data and Research Analyst   
Debbie Shackelford , Healthcare Apprenticeship Consultant   

College Assist
(720) 264-8500
Dana Caruso , Senior Accountant   
Anastasia Dvoeglazova , Senior Grant Accountant   
Cynthia Langan , Human Resource Director   
Lynn Overton , Program Assistant II   

1600 Broadway
Suite 2300
Denver, CO 80202
Angela Baier , Chief Executive Officer   
Michael Beindorff , Creative/Online Manager   
Doris Blain , Administrative Assistant II   
Mike Blake , Chief Marketing Officer   
Ricardo Corral , Database Developer   
Max Duggan , Operations Representative   
Tamara Foster , Employer Plan Director   
Jeff Gammon , Chief Information Officer   
Marcy Garramore , Controller   
Joe Giulitto , Advisor Relations Manager   
Julie Gorman , Employer Plan Associate   
Brennan Hannon , Advisor Relations Manager   
Steve Hardy , Sr. Network Eng & Info Security Specialist   
Kaylynn Hemlock , Employer Plan Advisor   
Chris Hosek , Senior Accountant/Budget Analyst   
Mike Keglovits , Chief Marketing Officer   
Kayden Koch , Accountant I   
Larry Larson , Program Manager   
Melissa Marshall , Employer Plan Advisor   
James McKinney , Senior Customer Service Representative   
Mark McKinney , IT Specialist   
Deeanna Mondragon , Operations Supervisor   
Jon Pagnozzi , Sales Director   
Tracy Smith , Program Coordinator   
Kristin Speedy , IT Security and Compliance Analyst   
Peggy Thompson , Business Analyst   
Shelley Tirrell , Operations Director   
Nicole Vigil , Chief Financial Officer   
Justin Wipf , Customer Service Representative   

Work Study Students/Front Desk Support

Advisory Committee

Legislative Representatives
Cathy Kipp , Representative   
Julie McCluskie , Representative   
Kevin Priola , Senator   
Tammy Story , Senator   
Tonya Van Beber , Representative   
Rachel Zenzinger , Senator   

Non-legislative Advisory Committee Members
Mark Cavanaugh , IHEC Representative   
Federico Chavez , Student Representative   
Donnis Hurd , Parent Representative   
Colleen O'Neil , K-12 Representative   
Dr. Melinda Piket-May , Faculty Representative   
Dr. Landon Pirius , Academic Council Representative   
Steve Schwartz , Institutional Finance Representative   

Colorado Commission on Higher Education

Sarah Hughes , Chair
Josh Scott , Vice Chair
Berrick Abramson
Lisandra Gonzales   
Teresa Kostenbauer
Ana Temu Otting
Steven Trujillo

Stakeholder Groups


Academic Council
Dr. Mohamed Abdelrahman , Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs   
Mark Anderson , Provost   
Dr. Josh Baker , VP Instructional Services   
Kent Buchanan , Vice President of Academic Affairs   
Dr. Karen Ferguson , Provost and VP   
Dr. Vicki Golich , Provost & VP for Academic Affairs   
Dr. Kurt Hass , Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs   
Richard Holz , Provost   
Dr. Michael Lightner , VP for Academic Affairs   
Dr. Rick Miranda , Provost & Executive VP   
Dr. William Niemi , VP for Academic Affairs   
Dr. Cheryl Nixon , Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs   
Landon Pirius , Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs   
Kathryn Regjo , Vice President of Academic Affairs   
Dr. Russ Rothamer , Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs   
Linda Van Doren , Chief Academic Officer   

Admission Council
Kent Bauer , Vice President for Student Success/Registrar   
Chris Beiswagner , Director of Admission Services   
Carolyn Benyshek , Director of Academy Admissions   
Kris Binard , Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success   
Judi Bonacquisti , Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services   
Darcy Briggs-Jackson , Registrar/Director of Enrollment Services and Admissions   
Sean Broghammer , Director of Admissions   
Tan Bui , Registrar   
Andy Burns , Director of Admissions and Advising   
Eric Carpio , Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management   
Jana Cline , Counselor   
Sharaya Cowan , Director of Admissions   
Matthew Cox , Director of Enrollment Management/Registrar   
Heather Daniels , Senior Associate Director in Admissions   
Chad Debono , Vice President of Administrative Services/Institutional Effectiveness   
Bernadine DeGarbo , Admissions and Records   
Chris Dowen , Assistant Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Admissions and K-12 Outreach   
Doug Driver , Director of Western Office of Institutional Research   
Derry Ebert , Dean of Enrollment   
Carl Einhaus , Director of Student Affairs   
Tresa England , Dean of Enrollment Services/Registrar   
Janet Erickson , Dean of Admissions   
Kim Frisch , Dean of Admissions   
Lisa Garcia-Hanson , Director of Admissions   
Chrissy Holliday , Director of Admissions   
Jeffrey Horner , Director of Enrollment Services, Records & Testing   
Keith Howard , Vice President of Student Affairs   
Matt Jamison , Dean of Student Services Boulder County   
Carlos Jimenez , Director of Admissions for Outreach and Recruitment   
Lori Kester , Associate VP for Enrollment Management   
Nahum Kisner , Director, College Opportunity & Student Outreach   
Maija Kurtz , Director of Admissions and Records   
Shane Larson , Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Services   
Michelle Liu , Senior Consultant: Innovation, Choice and Engagement Division Office of Postsecondary Readiness   
Dr. John (Derek) Lopez , Director of Enrollment Services   
Kevin MacLennan , Director of Admissions   
Jason Makowsky , Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions & International Recruitment   
Roxanne Manske , Manager, Enrollment Services/Registrar   
John Marshall , Vice President of Student Services   
Kim Maxwell , Director of Admissions   
Kim Medina , Director of Admissions   
Jeff Paolucci , Vice President of Student Services   
Dr. Kim Poast , Chief Student Success & Academic Affairs Officer   
Dr. Dean M. Rathe , Director of Enrollment Services   
Todd Rinehart , Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of Admission   
Jim Rizzuto , President   
Terry J. Ruch , Director of Admission   
Misti Ruthven , Director of Postsecondary Readiness   
Elena Sandoval-Lucero , Vice President of Student Services   
John Schmahl , Director of Student Services   
Connie Simpson , Dean of Student Services   
Brad Smith , Vice President of Student Services/Director of Advising & Recruitment   
Carla Stein , Dean of Student Services   
Renee Tastad , Dean of Student Services   
Stuart Thomas , Registrar, Records   
Vaughn Toland , Director of Admissions and Outreach   

Early College Design Stakeholder Committee
Charles Dukes , Director of College Readiness   
Matt Griswold , Director, College Pathways   
Arlie Huffman , Assistant Principal   
Lauren Jones , CTE-Career Guidance Trainer   
Keith King , Colorado State Senator   
Kristin Klopfenstein , Executive Director, Education Innovation Institute   
Robert Lessig , English Chair   
Matt McKeever , Dean, Community & Workforce Partnerships   
Carolyn Quayle , Counselor & Concurrent Enrollment Advisor   
Misti Ruthven , Secondary Initiatives   
Janet Santos , Sr. Policy Research Analyst   
Teresa Stuart   
Diane Ward , Director of State Education Policy   
Kirk Weber , Audit   
Tim Wilkerson , College Pathways Coordinator   
Matthew Willis , Assistant Principal   

Faculty Advisory Council (CFAC)
Wayne Artis , Chairman   
Phil Crossley , Secretary   
Jeff London , Vice Chair   
Joanne Addison   
Peter Anathamatten   
William Ashcraft   
James Ayers   
Amy Braziller   
Terry Bridgman   
Kathryn Carpenter   
Staff CU Boulder   
Robert Ferry   
Tim Gallagher   
Lisa Gallegos   
Lynne Howard   
Jacqueline Jones   
Maja Krakowiak   
Jessica Kruger , Executive Committee   
Ian Macgillivray   
Dawnelle Mathis   
John McDowell   
Michael Mincic   
Ronda Monheiser , Exectuve Committee   
Isabella Muturi Sauve   
Jennifer Newman   
Kelly O'Dell , Executive Committee   
Melinda Piket-May   
Barbara Prinari   
Valerie Reifschneider   
Michael Reyelts   
Charles Nicolas Saenz   
Ryan Smith   
Ryan Smith   
Sierra Swearingen   
Martha Thayer   
Ayelet Zur-Nayberg   

GE Council
Wayne Artis , Professor & Assistant to VPIS (History)   
Joann Brennan , Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs   
Darcy Briggs , Registrar/Director of Enrollment Services   
Helen Caprioglio , Assistant Provost for Assessment, Student Learning, and Effectiveness (Biology)   
Linda Comeaux , Vice President of Instruction   
Dr. Tony Contento , Assistant Provost for Academics   
Charlie Couch , University Registrar   
Margaret Doell , Assistant VP, Academic Affairs (Visual Arts)   
Melanie Hulbert , Associate VP for Academic Affairs (Sociology)   
K. Alex Ilyasova , Associate Dean, College of Letters, Arts & Sciences (English)   
Danen Jobe , Director of Academic Programs and Curriculum   
Lori Kester , Associate VP for Enrollment Management   
Carol Kuper , SFCC Academic Rep, Lead Mathematics Faculty, Director of GT Pathways Compliance   
Jeff London , Associate Professor (Criminal Justice & Criminology)   
Kelly Long , Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs (History)   
Nancy Matchett , Interim Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies   
Peter McCormick , Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs   
Gillian McKnight-Tutein , Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs   
Aparna Palmer , Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs for Student and Faculty Success   
Kathryn Regjo , Vice President of Academic Affairs   
Scott Reichel , Academic Dean of Arts and Sciences   
Shaun Schafer , Associate Vice President, Curriculum and Policy Development   
Patrick Tally , Interim Assistant Dean for Curricular Affairs (History)   

Math Pathways Task Force
Dr. Dean Allison , Chair   
Bob Cohen , Member   
Jennifer Loseke , Member   
Heidi Loshbaugh , Member   
Bruce Lundberg , Member   
Ken McLaughlin , Member   
Greg Oman , Member   
Tracy White , Member   
Stacy Yarnell , Member   
Steve Aldrich , Member   
Sandy Gilpin , Member   
Gary Olson , Member   
Rick Ott , Member   
Ann Cushman , Member   
Dr. Lindsay Packer , Member   
Dr. Shelly Ray , Member   
Dr. Rob Tubbs , Member   
Dr. Alexsis Venter , Member   
Rick Miranda , Senior Advisor   
Dr. Macgillivray Ian , State Facilitator   
Spencer Ellis , State Staffer   

Registrar Council
Tracy Barber , Registrar   
Dennis Becker , Registrar   
Barb Benedict , Registrar   
Lauren Berg , Registrar   
Charlie Couch , University Registrar   
Judi Diaz Bonacquisti , AVP Enrollment Srvcs   
Sonia Gonzales , Registrar   
Cathy Gorrell , Intl Student Srvcs Coordinator   
Theresa Groff , Assistant Registrar   
Ginny Hayes , Registrar   
Christy Holden , Registrar   
Carrie John , Registrar   
Lori Kester , Associate VP for Enrollment Management   
Janet Ludwig , Assistant Director of Credentials Evaluation   
Belen Maestas , Registrar   
Ashley D Moran , Registrar   
Paul Myskiw , Registrar   
Katie Pederson , Registrar   
Linda Perciante , University Registrar   
Heather Peterson , Registrar   
Amy Robertshaw , Registrar   
Theresa Rodriguez , Registrar   
Darla Ruff , Registrar   
Chris Seng , Registrar   
Holly Teal , Registrar   
Stuart Thomas , Registrar   
Amber Thompson , Registrar   
Vaughn Toland , Director of Admissions   
Natalie Torres , Associate Registrar   
vacant vacant , Registrar   
Kristi Wold-McCormick , Registrar   

Student Affairs Council
Kent Bauer , VP Student Success   
Kris Binard , AVP Enroll Mgt/Student Success   
Raul Cardenas , Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs   
Deb Coffin , Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs   
Tisha Corbett , Director of Student Services   
Judi Diaz-Bonaquisti , Vice President for Enrollment Services and Student Success   
Chris Dowen , Assistant Vice Chancelor Admissions K-12 Outreach   
Jason Doyle , Enrollment Management Systems Officer   
Carl Einhaus , Director of Student Affairs   
Lisa Fowler , Vice President of Student Success   
Dan Fox , Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students   
Kerry Gabrielson , Vice President of Student Services   
Wesley Homer , Vice Chancelor of Student Success & Enrollment Management   
Wesley Homer , Vice Chancellor for Student Success & Enrollment Management   
Keith Howard , Vice President of Student Affairs   
Liz Howell , Assistant to Vice President   
Blanche M. Hughes , Vice President for Student Affairs   
Feliz Lopez , Vice President for Student Success   
Kenneth Marquez , Dean of Student Affairs   
John Marshall , Vice President of Student Services   
John-Thomas Martinez , Assistant to Vice President   
Patricia Matijevic , Chief Student Services Officer   
Lisa Mayte-Edwards , Vice President of Student Affairs   
Shannon McCasland , Assistant Dean of Student Services   
Angela McMurdy , Director of Student Services   
Derek Morgan , Associate Dean of Students   
Barbara Morris , Provost   
Kim Okamoto , Assistant to Vice President   
Jeff Paolucci , Vice President of Student Services   
Cynthia Phillips , Assistant to Vice President   
Gary Pierson , Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students   
Katrina Rodriguez , Acting AVP for Student Engagement & Dean of Students   
Cheryl Sanchez , Vice President for Student Services & Institutional Research   
Elena Sandoval-Lucero , Vice President of Student Services & Enrollment Management   
John Schmahl , Director of Student Services   
Kevin Simpson , Director of Student Services   
David Smith , Vice President of Instruction/Student Services   
Steven Smith , Dean of Student Success   
Lin Stickler , Vice President of Student Affairs   
Sandy Veltri , VP of Academic & Student Services   
Katherine Waltz   
Homer Wesley , Vice Chancelor of Student Success & Enrollment Management   
Keith Wilder , Dean   
Glenna Witt Sexton , Vice President for Student Affairs   

Admission and Transfer Policy Review
Sean Broghammer , Director of Admissions   
Andy Burns , Director of Admissions   
Eric Carpio , Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management   
Karen Copetas , Vice President for Enrollment Management   
Kady Dodds Lanoha , Chief of Staff and Strategy   
Carl Einhaus , Director of Enrollment Services   
Emmy Glancy , Academic Policy Officer   
Lori Kester , Associate VP for Enrollment Management   
Kevin MacLennan , Director of Admissions   
John Marshall , Vice President for Student Services   
Kim Medina , Director of Admission   
Paul Myskiw , Registrar   
Jo O'Brien , Assessment, Research and Evaluation   
Renee Orlick , Director of Admissions Operations   
Vaughn Toland , Director of Admissions   
Tamara White , Director of Admission and Access Policy   
Paula Yanish , Director, Student Success Center   

Remedial Education Policy Review
Mary Axelson , Faculty, Developmental Studies   
Sonia Brandon , Director of Institutional Research   
Bitsy Cohn , Developmental Education Coordinator   
Eric Dunker , Director, Assessment and Testing   
Peter Fritz , Dropout Prevention and Student Engagement   
Sandra Gilpin , Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs   
John Lanning , Asst. Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Experience   
Karen Lemke , Director of College Readiness Programs   
Judith Martinez , Director, Office of Dropout Prevention and Student Engagement   
Bill Niemi , VP for Academic Affairs   
Karen Raymond , Senior Research Analyst   
Kay Schneider , Director of Assessment   
Cindy Somers , Dean of Math, Business & Technology   
Rob Umbaugh , Associate Dean, Learning & Organizational Development   
Tamara White Johnson , Director of Admission and Access Policy   
Frank Zizza , Department Chair   

Colorado Community College System

State Board for Community Colleges & Occupational Education

Dr. Russ Meyer , Chair   
Jean White , Vice Chair   
Rollie Heath , Board Member   
Jim Johnson , Board Member   
Rich Martinez , Board Member   
Theresa Pena , Board Member   
Ken Weil , Board Member   
Kelly O'Dell Irwin , SFAC Representative   
Rachel Zinna , SSAC Representative   

Administration and Staff

9101 E. Lowry Boulevard
Denver, CO 80230-6011
(303) 620-4000

Dr. Nancy McCallin , President   
Dr. Diane Hegeman , Interim VP for Academic Affairs   
Candy Gibbons , Executive Assistant to President   

Arapahoe Community College

Chaparral Campus - University Center at Chaparral
15655 Brookstone Drive
Parker, 80134
(303) 734-4822

Main Campus
5900 S. Santa Fe Drive
P.O. Box 9002
Littleton, 80160-9002
(303) 797-4222

Dr. Diana Doyle, Ph.D. , President   
Rebecca Woulfe , VP for Instruction and Provost   
Carol Patterson , Executive Assistant to the President   

Colorado Northwestern Community College
500 Kennedy Drive
Rangely, 81648
(970) 675-2261

Becky Dubert , Asst   
Becky Dubert , Executive Assistant to President/Public Information Officer   
Dr. Russ George , President   

Craig Campus
50 College Drive
Craig, 81625
(970) 824-1101
Gene Bilodeau , Vice President of Administration   

Community College of Aurora

Main Campus
16000 E. CentreTech Parkway
Aurora, 80011-9036
(303) 360-4700

Janet Brandau , VP for Academic Affairs   
Tami Morrissey , Executive Assistant   
Dr. Betsy Oudenhoven , President   

Community College of Denver
Campus Box 250, P.O. Box 173363
Denver, 80217
(303) 556-2600

Dr. Everette Freeman , President   
Emily Willan , Executive Assistant to the President   

Front Range Community College

3645 W. 112th Avenue
Westminster, 80031-2105
(303) 404-5000

Andy Dorsey , President   
Kim Stefanski , Asst   
Sandy Veltri , VP of Academic and Student Services   

Boulder County Campus
2190 Miller Drive
Longmont, 80501
(303) 678-3722
Dr. James Butzek , Interim Vice President   

Brighton Center
1850 East Egbert Street
Brighton, 80601
(303) 404-5099

Larimer Campus
4616 South Shields
Fort Collins, 80526
(970) 226-2500
Dr. James Butzek , Vice President   

Westminster Campus
3645 W. 112th Avenue
Westminster, 80031-2105
(303) 404-5000
Andy Dorsey , Vice President, Westminster/North Metro   

Lamar Community College

Main Campus
2401 South Main Street
Lamar, 81052
(719) 336-2248

Paula Dieterle , Asst   
John Marrin , President   
Cheryl Sanchez , VP of Academic and Student Services   

Morgan Community College
920 Barlow Road
Fort Morgan, 80701
(970) 542-3100

Kent Bauer , VP of Student Success   
Jane Fries , Asst   
Dr. Kerry Hart , President   

Northeastern Junior College
100 College Avenue
Sterling, 80751
(970) 521-6600

Dr. Jay Lee , President   
Dean Rose   
Steven Smith , VP of Student Services   

Otero College
1802 Colorado Avenue
La Junta, 81050
(719) 384-6831

Almabeth Kaess , Asst   
Jim Rizzuto , President   
Susan Samaniego , Director of Communications and Public Affairs   

Pikes Peak State College

Main Centennial Campus
5675 South Academy Boulevard
Colorado Springs, 80906-5498
(719) 502-2000

Kimberly Barnett , Asst   
Dr. Lance Bolton , President   
Brenda Lauer , VP for Administrative Services   

Downtown Studio Campus
100 West Pikes Peak Avenue

Falcon Campus
11990 Swingline Road
Falcon, 80831

Rampart Range Campus
11195 Hwy. 83
Colorado Springs, 80921-3602

Pueblo Community College

Main Campus
900 West Orman Avenue
Pueblo, 81004
(719) 549-3200

Jon Brude , Chief Business Officer   
Patty Erjavec , President   
Julie Leyba , Asst   

Fremont Campus
51320 West Highway 50
Canon City, 81212
(719) 296-6100

Southwest Campus Extension Center
2208 East Main Street
Cortez, 81321
(970) 565-7496

Southwest Colorado Community College(former SJBTC)
701 Camino Del Rio
Suite 100
Durango, 81301
(970) 247-2929

Red Rocks Community College

Main Campus
13300 West 6th Avenue
Lakewood, 80228-1255
(303) 914-6000

Dr. Lisa Fowler , VP of Student Success   
Dr. Michele Haney , President   
Kathy Schissler , Asst   

Arvada Campus
5420 Miller Street
Arvada, 80002
(303) 914-6010

Trinidad State College

Main Campus
600 Prospect Street
Trinidad, 81082
(719) 846-5011

Donna Haddow , VP of Academic Affairs   
Dr. Carmen Simone , President   

Alamosa (Valley) Campus
1011 Main Street
Alamosa, 81101
(719) 589-1513


Local District Colleges

Aims Community College

Board of Trustees
Sandy Neb , President   
Mike Geile , Treasurer   
Walt Richter , Secretary   
Mike Freeman   
Larry Wood   

Main Campus
P.O. Box 69
Greeley, CO 80632
(970) 330-8008

Dr. Leah Bornstein , President   
Donna Norwood , Chief Academic Officer   
Katelyn McFee   

Colorado Mountain College

Board of Trustees
802 Grand Avenue
Glenwood Springs, 81601
(970) 945-8691

Patricia Theobald   
Ken Brenner   
Pat Chlouber   
Charles Cunniffe   
Doris Dewton   
Kathy Goudy   
Peg Portscheller   

Colorado Mountain College Chaffee County at Buena Vista
27900 County Road 319, P.O. Box 897
Buena Vista, 81211

Main Campus
802 Grand Avenue
Glenwood Springs, 81601
(970) 945-8691

Dr. Carrie Besbette Hauser , President   
Debbie Novak , Executive Assistant to President and Board of Trustees   

Colorado Mountain College Aspen
0255 Sage Way
Aspen, 81611
(970) 925-7740

Colorado Mountain College Breckenridge
107 Denison Placer Road, P.O. Box 2208
Breckenridge, 80424
(970) 453-6757

Colorado Mountain College Carbondale
690 Colorado Avenue
Carbondale, 81623
(970) 963-2172

Colorado Mountain College Dillon
333 Fiedler Ave, P.O. Box 1414
Dillon, 80435
(970) 468-5989

Colorado Mountain College Glenwood Springs
1402 Blake Avenue
Glenwood Springs, 81601
(970) 945-7486

Colorado Mountain College Leadville
901 S. Highway 24
Leadville, 80461
(719) 486-2015

Colorado Mountain College Rifle
3695 Airport Road
Rifle, 81650
(970) 625-1871

Colorado Mountain College Spring Valley at Glenwood Springs
3000 County Road 114
Glenwood Springs, 81601
(970) 945-7481

Colorado Mountain College Steamboat Springs
1275 Crawford Avenue
Steamboat Springs, 80487
(970) 870-4444

Colorado Mountain College Vail Valley at Edwards
150 Miller Ranch Rd
Edwards, 81632
(970) 569-2900

Additional Locations:

Downtown Rifle Academic Center
229 West Avenue
Rifle, CO 801650

281 N. Parachute Avenue
Parachute, 81635

310 E. Ninth Street
Salida, 81201

State Colleges and Universities

Auraria Higher Education Center

1027 Ninth Street Park
Campus Box A
Denver, 80217-3361
(303) 556-2400

Jim Kelley , Director, Facilities Management   
Dean Wolf , Executive Vice President, Administration   

Colorado State University - Global Campus

Main Campus
7800 E. Orchard Rd.
Suite 200
Greenwood Village, 80111-2585
(800) 920-6723

Becky Takeda-Tinker , President   
Jon Bellum , Provost and Senior VP   

Adams State University

Board of Trustees
Alamosa, 81501-3122
Mary Griffin , Vice Chair   
Stephen Valdez , Chair   
Robert Benson , Faculty Trustee   
Paul Farley   
Liane “Buffie” McFadyen   
LeRoy Salazar   
Arnold Salazar   
Dr. Charles Scoggin   
Val Vigil   
Tim Walters   

Main Campus
208 Edgemont Blvd
(719) 587-7011

Dr. Beverlee J. McClure , President   
Dr. Frank Novotny , VP for Academic Affairs   
James Trujillo , Executive Assistant to the President/Board of Trustees   

Colorado School of Mines

Board of Trustees
Office of President
Golden, 80401
(303) 273-3280

James Spaanstra , Chairman   
Richard Truly , Vice Chairman   
Stewart Bliss   
Stephanie Bonucci , Student Trustee   
Vicki Cowart   
John Dorgan , Faculty Trustee   
L. Roger Hutson   
Dr. Mohan Misra   
Frances M Vallejo   

Main Campus
1500 Illinois
(303) 273-3000

Dr. Paul Johnson , President   
Dr. Terrence Parker , Provost & Executive VP   
Kristi Gitkind , Asst   

Colorado State University System

Board of Governors
410 Seventeenth Street
Suite 2440
Denver, 80202
(303) 534-6290

Dorothy Horrell , Chair   
William Mosher , Vice Chair   
Dennis Flores   
Mark Gustafson   
Ed Haselden   
Scott C Johnson   
Mary Lou Makepeace