Updates to the Colorado Admissions Index Chart and Index Calculator

In Colorado, public four-year institutions use the index score as one of many factors in making an admission decision for first-time freshmen. The index score is calculated using a combination of a student's high school GPA or high score rank percentage combined with ACT or SAT scores. The Colorado Admission Index Chart (which has a December 2018 date stamp) and Index Calculator now reflect updated concordance advice provided by College Board and ACT. The advice states, “The 2018 ACT/SAT concordance tables in this document are now the only official concordance tables and should be the single source of reference moving forward when comparing SAT scores to ACT scores for students applying for terms after fall 2018."

The admission index was changed at the advice of College Board and at the request of Colorado’s public four-year institutions of higher education to remain consistent with the ACT/SAT concordance tables.

What changed on the index?

Only certain SAT score ranges from the updated concordance advice resulted in slightly higher combined SAT scores needed to equate to ACT composite scores. For example, the previous index chart stated a combined SAT score range of 1050-1180 equated to a 21 composite score on the ACT, while the 2018 advice provided that a SAT score range of 1060-1090 equates to a 21 on the ACT. Most score changes are minor (typically 10-40 point differences).

As part of the updated statewide admission policy, the admission index retires in the fall of 2019. As such, the index will only be used in admission through the summer 2019 term.

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