Colorado Challenge: Driving degree completion

Lily’Okalani Hafoka
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Majoring in Psychology

"I am a first generation college student. I work full-time and the majority of my academic career I took 18 credits per semester to ensure that I would graduate in four years or less. So when I walk across the stage May 12th of this year, it will be just another goal I can cross off my list."

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Charline Nguyen
Community College of Denver
Majoring in Computer Information System

"My first year of college, however, was not the best experience. I felt I was not mentally ready to be in college and the major I was originally in for, Criminal Justice, was no longer something I wanted to continue to pursue."

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Mercy Olaka
University of Colorado Denver
Majoring in Public Health

"I heard college was all about self-discovery, but I didn’t know how to do that. Like many freshmen starting college, I was anxious, afraid, and unsure of who I was."

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Jedeo Manirikumwenatwe
Colorado State University
Majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Jedeo was born in Burundi Africa. In 1995 a war broke out and Jedeo’s family was forced to leave. While fleeing, Jedeo and his mom were separated from his father but later reunited in Tanzania. In 2004 Jedeo and his family came to America for the hope of a new life.

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