GT-SS2 (Geography)

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25 courses listed
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InstCourse PrefixCourse IDTitleCreditsEffective DateEnd Date
CCCSGEO 105World Regional Geography3.0008/01/2003 
CCCSGEO 106Human Geography3.0001/10/2003 
CMUGEOG102Human Geography3.0001/01/2014 
CMUGEOG 103World Regional Geography3.0001/10/2003 
CSUGR 100Introduction to Geography3.0008/01/2007 
CSUPGEOG 103World Regional Geography3.0001/01/2008 
FLCGEOG 110World Regional Geography4.0008/01/2003 
FLCGEOG 120The North American Landscape4.0008/01/2008 
MSUDGEG 1000World Regional Geography3.0001/10/2003 
MSUDGEG 1300Introduction to Human Geography3.0001/10/2003 
MSUDGEG 1920Concepts and Connections in Geography3.0001/01/2007 
MSUDGEG 2020Geography in Colorado3.0008/01/2006 
UCCSGES 1990Introduction to Human Geography4.0008/20/2010 
UCDENVS 1342Environment, Society and Sustainability3.0001/01/2007 
UCDGEOG 1102World Regional Geography3.0008/01/2003 
UCDGEOG 1302Introduction to Human Geography3.0001/10/200308/01/2006
UCDGEOG 1602Introduction to Urban Studies3.0008/01/2007 
UCDGEOG 2202Natural Hazards3.0001/01/2007 
UNCGEOG 100World Geography3.0008/01/2003 
UNCGEOG 110Geography of the United States and Canada3.0008/01/2003 
UNCGEOG 200Human Geography3.0008/01/2008 
WSCUENVS100Introduction to Environment and Sustainability3.0008/01/2014 
WSCUGEOG 110World Regional Geography3.0008/01/2003 
WSCUGEOG 120Introduction to Human Geography3.0001/09/2004 
WSCUGEOG 250Geography of North America3.0008/01/2003