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InstCourse PrefixCourse IDTitleCreditsEffective DateEnd DateNotes
ASUHGP 110Development of Civilization I3.0008/01/2003  
ASUHGP 111Development of Civilization II3.0008/01/2003  
ASUHIST 202American History to 18653.0001/10/2003  
ASUHIST 203American History 1865 to Present3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSHIS 101Western Civilization: Antiquity - 16503.0008/01/2003  
CCCSHIS 102Western Civilization: 1650 - Present3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSHIS 111The World: Antiquity - 15003.0007/01/2010  
CCCSHIS 112The World: 1500 - Present3.0001/13/2011  
CCCSHIS112World Civilization II3.0008/01/200601/12/2011Course title changed.
CCCSHIS 121U.S. History to Reconstruction3.0008/01/2014  
CCCSHIS 122U.S. History Since the Civil War3.0008/01/2014  
CCCSHIS201U.S. History I3.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
CCCSHIS201U.S. History to Reconstruction3.0001/13/201106/01/2014Course number changed to 121.
CCCSHIS202U.S. History Since the Civil War3.0008/01/200306/01/2014Course number changed to 122.
CCCSHIS 203Civil War Era in American History3.0008/01/2014  
CCCSHIS205Women in World History3.0008/01/2013  
CCCSHIS 207American Environmental History3.0008/01/2011  
CCCSHIS 208American Indian History3.0001/01/2010  
CCCSHIS 215Women in U.S. History3.0008/01/2010  
CCCSHIS218History of Science and Technology3.0008/01/2014  
CCCSHIS 225Colorado History3.0001/01/2010  
CCCSHIS235History of the American West3.0001/01/2015  
CCCSHIS 236U.S. History Since 19453.0008/01/2009  
CCCSHIS 243History of Modern China3.0008/01/2010  
CCCSHIS 244History of Latin America3.0001/01/2010  
CCCSHIS 245U.S. in the World3.0008/01/2010  
CCCSHIS 24720th Century World History3.0008/01/2007  
CCCSHIS 249History of Islamic Civilization3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSHIS250African American History3.0001/01/2014  
CCCSHIS251The History of Christianity in the World3.0001/01/2015  
CCCSHIS 255The Middle Ages3.0001/01/2010  
CCCSHIS259Modern Middle East3.0008/01/2014  
CCCSHIS260Foreign Relations History3.0008/01/201001/12/2011Course title changed.
CCCSHIS 260U.S. Foreign Relations History3.0001/13/2011 Course title changed.
CMUHIST 101Western Civilizations3.0008/01/2003  
CMUHIST 102Western Civilizations3.0008/01/2003  
CMUHIST 131U.S. History3.0001/10/2003  
CMUHIST 132U.S. History3.0008/01/2003  
CSUANTH 140Introduction to Prehistory3.0008/01/2007  
CSUETST 253Chicana/o History and Culture3.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST 100Western Civilization, Pre-Modern3.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST 101Western Civilization, Modern3.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST 115Islamic World to 18003.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST 120Asian Civilizations I3.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST 121Asian Civilizations II3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: HIST 212.
CSUHIST 150U.S. History to 18763.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST 151U.S. History Since 18763.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST 170World History, Ancient -15003.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST 171World History, 1500 - Present3.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST/ETST250African American History3.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST/ETST252Asian American History3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: ETCC/HY 252.
CSUHIST/ETST255Native American History3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: ETCC/HYCC 255.
CSUPCS 101Introduction to Chicano Studies3.0001/10/2003  
CSUPCS/HIST 136The Southwest United States3.0001/10/2003  
CSUPHIST 101World Civilization to 11003.0008/01/2003  
CSUPHIST 102World Civilization from 1100 - 18003.0008/01/2003  
CSUPHIST 103World Civilization Since 18003.0008/01/2003  
CSUPHIST 201U.S. History I3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPHIST 202U.S. History II3.0008/01/2003  
CTUHIST101Modern American History: 1950 to the 21st Century3.0008/01/2014  
FLCGWS 282Women in America to 18484.0008/01/2009  
FLCGWS 283Women in America Since 18484.0008/01/2009  
FLCHIST 140Survey of African History I4.0008/01/2006  
FLCHIST 141Survey of African History II4.0008/01/2006  
FLCHIST 150World Civilization I4.0001/01/2007  
FLCHIST 151World Civilization II4.0001/01/2007  
FLCHIST 160Survey of Western Civilization I4.0008/01/2003  
FLCHIST 170Survey of East Asian Civilization I4.0008/01/2006  
FLCHIST 171Survey of East Asian Civilization II4.0008/01/2006  
FLCHIST 181US/SW Environmental History4.0008/01/2006  
FLCHIST 261West Civ II: 1350 to Present4.0001/10/2003  
FLCHIST 262Tolerance and Persecution in the Middle Ages4.0008/01/2006  
FLCHIST 263Medieval Life-Modern Film & Literature4.0008/01/2006  
FLCHIST 270Colonial Latin America4.0001/01/2007  
FLCHIST 271Latin America Since Independence4.0008/01/2006  
FLCHIST 280Survey of US History, 1600-18774.0008/01/2007  
FLCHIST 281Survey of US History, 1877-Present4.0008/01/2003  
FLCHIST 282Women in America to 18484.0008/01/2009  
FLCHIST 283Women in America Since 18484.0008/01/2009  
FLCNAIS 123Native American History4.0012/02/2011  
FLCSW 125History of Hispanos in the Southwest3.0008/01/200802/01/2013 
FLCSW 131Southwest History and Culture3.0008/01/200602/01/2012 
FLCSW 181US/SW Environmental History3.0008/01/200602/01/2013 
MSUDAAS 1130Survey of African History3.0008/01/2006  
MSUDAAS 2130West African Civilizations3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
MSUDCHS 1010History of Meso-America: Pre-Columbian and Colonial Eras3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
MSUDCHS 1020History of the Chicana/o in the Southwest: 1810 to Present3.0008/01/2006  
MSUDHIS 1000American Civilization3.0008/01/200608/01/2015 
MSUDHIS 1010Western Civilization to 16033.0008/01/200308/01/2015 
MSUDHIS 1020Western Civilization since 16033.0008/01/200308/01/2015 
MSUDHIS 1030World History to 15003.0001/09/2004  
MSUDHIS 1040World History since 15003.0001/10/2003  
MSUDHIS 1110Colorado History I3.0001/10/200308/01/2015 
MSUDHIS 1210American History to 18653.0008/01/2003  
MSUDHIS 1220American History since 18653.0008/01/2003  
MSUDHIS 1250China, Japan, Korea Since 18003.0001/10/2003  
MSUDHIS 1650Women in U.S. History3.0001/10/200308/01/2015 
MSUDHIS 2010Contemporary World History3.0008/01/200608/01/2015 
MSUDHIS 3090Native Americans in American History3.0008/01/201008/01/2015 
MSUDHIS 3120Medieval History3.0008/01/201008/01/2015 
MSUDHIS 3590American Immigration History3.0008/01/201008/01/2015 
MSUDHIS 3700Modern China3.0008/01/201008/01/2015 
MSUDHIS 3770World of Islam3.0008/01/201008/01/2015 
UCBCAMW 2001The American West3.0008/01/2007  
UCBCEES/HIST2002Introduction to Central and Eastern European Studies3.0008/01/2007  
UCBCLAS 2110Women in Ancient Rome3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 1010Western Civilization 13.0001/10/2003  
UCBHIST 1015History of the United States to 18653.0008/01/2003  
UCBHIST 1016World to 15003.00 01/01/2010 
UCBHIST 1020Western Civilization II: 16th Century to the Present3.0001/10/2003  
UCBHIST 1025History of the United States Since 18653.0008/01/2003  
UCBHIST 1035Honors: The United States to 18653.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 1038Introduction to Latin American History3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 1040Honors: Western Civilization 23.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 1051The World of Ancient Greeks3.0001/10/2003  
UCBHIST 1061The Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome3.0001/10/2003  
UCBHIST 1108Introduction to Jewish History3.0008/01/2009  
UCBHIST 1208Sub-Saharan Africa to 18003.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 1408Introduction to South Asian History3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 1608Intro to Chinese History3.0008/01/200501/01/2011 
UCBHIST 1708Introduction to Japanese History3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2015History of Early America3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2123The History of England, 1660 to Present3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2170History of Christianity I3.0008/01/2009  
UCBHIST 2215-001The Era of the American Revolution3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2222War and Society in the Modern World3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2227History of the American Southwest3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2326Issues in American Thought and Culture3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2513The History of Ireland, 1600 to Present3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2543Medieval Societies3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2616Women's History3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2626Gender and Culture3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2636Women of Color and Social Activism3.0008/01/2009  
UCBHIST 2746Christianity in American History3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2866American History and Film3.0008/01/2007  
UCCSHIST 1020Medieval World3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1030The Rise of Modern Europe, 1500-18153.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1040Modern Europe, 1815-Present3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1110Asian History: Southeast Asia3.0001/01/2010  
UCCSHIST 1120Asian History: The Indian Subcontinent3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1130Asian History: China3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1140Asian History: Japan3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1400Latin America to 18103.0001/07/2011  
UCCSHIST 1410Latin America Since 18103.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1510US: Birth of a Nation, 1607-17893.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1520U.S.: Expansion and Division, 1789-18773.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1530Emergence of Modern America, 1865-19203.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1540U.S.: Recent America, 1918-Present3.0008/20/2010  
UCDETST 2155African American History3.0001/01/2007  
UCDHIST 1016World History to 15003.0001/10/200308/01/2006 
UCDHIST 1026World History Since 15003.0001/10/200308/01/2006 
UCDHIST 1361U.S. History to 18763.0001/10/2003  
UCDHIST 1362U.S. History Since 18763.0001/10/2003  
UCDHIST 1381Paths to the Present I3.0008/01/2003  
UCDHIST 1382Getting Here: Paths to the Present II3.0008/01/2003  
UCDHIST1400Controversies in History3.0008/01/2013  
UNCAFS 100Introduction to Africana Studies3.0008/01/2008  
UNCAFS 101Development of Black Identity3.0008/01/2007  
UNCAFS 201African American History I3.0001/10/2003  
UNCAFS 202African American History II3.0001/10/2003  
UNCHIST 100Survey of American History from Its Beginnings to 18773.0001/10/2003  
UNCHIST 101Survey of American History from 1877 to Present3.0008/01/2003  
UNCHIST 110African Civilization3.0008/01/2007  
UNCHIST 112Asian Civlizations: From Prehistory to the 1600's3.0001/01/2010  
UNCHIST 113Asian Civilizations: From 1500 to the Present3.0001/01/2007  
UNCHIST 118History of Mexico3.0001/01/2007  
UNCHIST 120Western Civilization from Ancient Greece to 16893.0008/01/2003  
UNCHIST 121Western Civilization from 1689 to the Present3.0008/01/2003  
UNCHIST 283Russian Civilization3.0001/01/2007  
WSCUHIST 101World History to 16153.0008/01/2003  
WSCUHIST 102World History since 16153.0008/01/2003  
WSCUHIST 126American History to 18653.0008/01/2003  
WSCUHIST 127American History since 18653.0008/01/2003  
WSCUHIST 250History of the Middle East3.0001/01/2007  
WSCUHIST254History of Africa3.0001/01/2014  
WSCUHIST260History of Latin America3.0008/01/2014